Land for gardeners: how much is outside Moscow Ground Plot

06.07.2012 00:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | Land for gardeners: how much is outside Moscow Ground Plot Undeveloped plots of land near Moscow, buyers are interested in much more than sites with country houses. Prices are stable, popular destinations are defined, but the project "New Moscow" can make adjustments in this segment of the real estate market. After the crisis of 2008 plots without a contract in the suburbs have become the most marketable commodity: the interest of buyers clearly shifted toward the purchase of the site with the ability to build a house on their own. If in 2008, according to Vesco Group, in the suburbs has been sold 5019 houses and half the plots without a contract (2302 pcs.), In 2009 the situation has changed - it has been sold 6807 plots without a contract in 2597 and houses .

The trend continues to this day: in 2010 it was sold 13,480 plots without a contract in 2011 - 19 429 pcs., For the first two quarters of 2012 - 9235 pcs. For comparison - the number of houses sold for the same time much less. For example, in 2010 it was sold in 2831 houses in 2011 - 3290 pcs., For the first two quarters of 2012 - 1041 pcs.

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According to the company "OPIN", in 2011 the share of villages provided solely plots without a contract, accounted for 72% of the primary suburban real estate market. By the end of the first half of 2012 this figure dropped to 68%. However, it remains cottage and chalet villages with sites without a contract - the dominant format in the market. Although the sites becomes smaller, as noted by the experts, they are much better quality.

"All the smaller the proportion of settlements with areas without a contract is not secured communications.

Electricity is supplied to 80% of the settlements, the gas is in the 55-60% of cases, centralized water supply from the village well - 50% of addresses.

There is a gradual tightening of the network, even to those projects that are considered to be clearly futile. Communications in areas without a contract today - must have even for economy class settlements. The presence of a set of engineering increases the cost of land at 30-150%, depending on the area, the original cost of weave, the quality and level of the project, "- said" "the head of the analytical center" OPIN "Ekaterina Lobanova.

Prices in the land market of Moscow region vary greatly depending on the direction, the distance from Moscow, and the availability of communications. Sites without communications is much less in demand than those in which at least let down the electricity, or electricity and gas. According to an independent portal of the land,

in June, the cost of land sq.m. in the primary market (new plots, plots without a contract) was 221,653 rubles a year ago - 241,249 rubles.

Reducing the cost of land due to a greater degree at lower prices in an already-formed cottage settlements, and the market entry of new sections of the Moscow region in the lower price segment, as a rule, far from Moscow.

Weaving of land on the secondary market (land in villages and suburban partnerships) in June was estimated at 213,003 rubles a year ago - 207,404 rubles. According to the portal, the average cost of plot weave without a contract in the Economy of 131,439 rubles in business class - 435 544 rubles in the premium class - 890,311 rubles.

The farther from Moscow, the lower the cost of weave. For example, in the east of more than 60 km from Moscow you can find the site, even with communications, at a price of 31 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters. However, this price tag is due not only a significant distance from Moscow, but the lack of demand for this area as a whole. For example - the weaving of the earth at a distance of less than 15 km from Moscow to the eastern areas worth up to $ 30 thousand, in a zone 15-30 km - about $ 20 thousand in the area of ​​30-60 miles - $ 10 thousand, 60-90 miles - $ 6 Thousands of

For comparison - in the popular New Riga weaving at a distance of 15 km from Moscow costs $ 50-70 thousand, 15-30 miles - $ 30-60 thousand, 30-60 miles - $ 15-40 thousand, 60-90 miles - $ 4 -10 thousand

"As you can see, the cost of weave at a distance of more than 60 miles at once markedly reduced, I note also that in a zone 60-90 km from Moscow, and then the price depends on the set of states, and communications. According to other popular destinations, it is mainly the West (Ruble, Pyatnitskoye, Kaluga and the Kiev highway), a price comparable to the situation ", - said" "project manager in the valley of Istra" Vector Investments "Alexey Ivanov.

According to the company TWEED, the minimum value of the ruble, and to weave Ilyinke up to 15 km from Moscow - from $ 45 thousand "This sites with all utilities. Naturally, the forest areas will cost more. The average budget for purchase in the segment without a contract on the ruble - $ 1.5 million for 15 acres "," - says the director of suburban real estate agency TWEED Irina Kalinina.

In addition, experts have observed a gradual shift in demand away from traditional areas to the south-west.

"Popular destinations in 2011 in a segment of plots without a contract (Novoryazanskoe, Simferopol and Novorizhskoe) in 2012 gave way to Yaroslavl, Kashirskoe, Kaluga and the Kiev highway.

Market interest in the south-western sector due to the theme of the New Moscow. Liquidity settlements Kashira Highway - a consequence of the potential direction of undervaluation, and today the land without a contract in the Domodedovo district is 1.5-2 times more expensive than a similar distance from Moscow to Simferopol toward developed. Leadership Yaroslavl in the structure of the market demand for plots without a contract is also quite natural. Over the last year there were more than a dozen new projects, the competition intensified, and the buyer only in win - the choice for every taste and budget ", - said Ekaterina Lobanova.

Moreover, according to market participants, sites in the "new Moscow" is now the most promising in terms of product price increases. But the rising cost is possible only after the scoring of specific plans for the development of the territory. "Prices on the attached territories grew by about 10% last year, immediately after it was announced the expansion of Moscow.

Can be predicted and further price increases, but only after the concrete will be apparent prospects of building new territories.

Up to this point, new significant price changes should not expect ", - said" "Alexey Ivanov.у
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