In December, in Kiev, actively rented elite property

12.01.2018 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | In December, in Kiev, actively rented elite property In December 2017, the amount spent on renting elite real estate in Kiev (from $ 2,500 per month) amounted to the equivalent of $ 44,000. This exceeds the November figures by 20%. This was reported in the estate agency Park Lane.

The share of the elite segment accounted for 2% of all real estate transactions conducted during the month. The cost of renting elite real estate amounted to 11% of all rental costs at the end of the month.

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Apartments in the demand structure occupied 60%. Among tenants of this category in December, apartments in Pechersk (Moscow, Staronavodnitskaya, Lesi Ukrainky Blvd.) and Shevchenko (Nazarenko) districts were in demand. The most popular request of tenants is 3-4-room apartments, equipped for comfortable living, with a quality and convenient infrastructure nearby, with an area of ​​110-160 square meters. m, at a rate of 17-24 dollars per sq. m per month.

The non-residential fund in the demand structure was 20%. Tenants were interested in office premises in the business center of the capital (Pechersky, part of Shevchenkivsky and Goloseevsky districts), with an area of ​​70-140 sq m at a rate of $ 15-20 per sq. M per month. There was also interest in commercial areas in the suburbs (Borispol, Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka). Here we chose premises ranging from 150 sq. M at a rate of 10-12 dollars per sq. M per month.

Country houses in December also accounted for 20% of leased objects in the elite segment. In this category, tenants preferred modern cottages fully prepared for winter residence. The area of ​​such houses is 400-550 square meters, at a rate of 10-12 dollars per square meter. m / month. The leader was the Obukhov district (Damba district, Kozin village, Plyuty).

"December showed a good winter activity in all segments of real estate. There were demanded both apartments, and premises for business and country mansions in very attractive places. It can be noted that the geography of the elite segment is expanding. Today, expensive and high-quality facilities with a developed infrastructure can be located in remote areas from the center, and even in the suburbs. We will monitor the development of this trend in 2018, "said Victoria Barabash, Director General of the Academy of Sciences of the Park Lane.
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