Housing to be built 20% more

07.05.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing to be built 20% more This year, according to the plans of the Ministry of Construction Policy and Architecture of the Crimea, will be commissioned 625.56 ths. meters of housing, or 103.52 thousand square meters. m or by 19,8% more than in 2007. However, plans may not become reality because the land in the regions of autonomy is for the construction of any other objects, but not for social and affordable housing.
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According to official statistics, in 2007, Crimea was commissioned 522.038 thousand square meters. meters of housing, the growth rate compared with the year 2006 amounted to 141.1% (the fourth figure in Ukraine). More than half of newly occurred in the top three: Simferopol, which was commissioned 139.4 thousand square meters. m living space, Yalta - 71,5 thousand square meters. m Theodosia - 63.7 thousand square meters. m. In addition to them, the recovery in housing construction was observed in Dzhankojsky region, where it was put in 4.2 times more real estate than in 2006, in Belogorskiy area - 2 times in Krasnoperekopsk - 2,3 times more. However, this statistic is not so impressive, because, firstly, most of them entered into operation in 2007 laid the shelter a few years earlier, and last year had his surrender. Secondly, most - 62% - a total area of ??residential buildings put into operation, it is necessary for individual housing construction - 323.9 thousand square meters. m. A number of apartment buildings being built on the budget, but declined: in 2007, was commissioned 29,3 thousand square meters. m, which is 3,6% less than in 2006 and 28,8% - 2005.

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According to Minister of Construction Policy and Architecture of Crimea, Vladimir Nikolov, real growth in housing investment have provided the population, which accounted for more than half of the funds. Total last year in the Crimea on the construction of housing was directed 1,4 billion UAH. capital investments (for comparison: in 2006, 704.3 mln.). In addition, the financial help the state budget, allocating 4.4 mln. for the acquisition of housing for military personnel (1.2 ths. m). On the program "Own house" in 2007, the state treasury has allocated more than 2,4 million UAH., The republic's budget - 2,9 mln. Due to what the countryside was able to buy 32 houses an area of ??2,108.8 square meters. m

Among other things, to solve the notorious housing krymchanin not encumbered funds to purchase property at market prices, and not having income above the average level in order to afford to buy housing loans, in theory, could by running programs - national and state. They help find a roof over your head the military, young families, new immigrants, the villagers. For example, in 2007 under the state program for young people with housing in Feodosia were commissioned in two blocks of the home area of ??2.9 thousand square meters. m. According to the government program of resettlement and rehabilitation of the deported Crimean Tatars and other nationalities were commissioned 11.52 thousand square meters. m of housing. But despite this, in the Crimea in the queue for housing improvements are more than 77 thousand families and single people, among them the right to priority or extraordinary for housing are more than 21 thousand years go by, the length of stay in line with the increase year by year (the rate movements per year is 2 - 2,5%, which is negligible), but the problem is not solved.

Can not be solved not only this problem, but also a host of related. For example, in the Crimea is still not formed Institute for the so-called social housing for people in need of social protection. Not a fund resettlement of people, in order to be able to engage in redevelopment program houses the first mass series. While the Simferopol and Evpatoria already approaching the stage of practical implementation of such projects. Approximate solution to these problems the authorities are collected using the new integrated regional development program of housing construction in the Crimea, adopted at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers.

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Prognostic indicators of housing construction in 2008, stated in a comprehensive program, able to reassure even the skeptic. According to Vladimir Nikolov, in 2008 in the Crimea is planned to be commissioned 625.56 ths. m, of which in the cities - 491.32 ths. m, in the countryside - 134.25 ths. m, which is 19,8% more than last year. The most impressive building scale awaits the city, which account for 78% of the total area. The leaders again, appear to be Simferopol, where it is planned to be commissioned 138.38 ths. m, in second place Yalta - 109, 8 thousand square meters. m, the third of Theodosius - 58 thousand square meters. m. In rural areas the largest volumes of housing construction is planned in the Simferopol region - 56 thousand square meters. m Bakhchissaray - 16.37 thousand square meters. m in the Black Sea and the Leninsky district, respectively, 11.3 and 11 thousand square meters. m

To fund implementation of the plan into government plans from various sources (assumed to raise funds for a total of 1681.9 mln.). Including the state budget 82.5 mln., From national and local - 6,88 mln. Own funds of enterprises and organizations is estimated at 607.4 mln., Bank loans and other loans - 14,5 mln., Funds from foreign investors - 5 mln., Domestic investment companies and funds - 9.9 million UAH., investments of the population - 851.4 million UAH., other sources of funding is estimated at 104.4 mln. Including the program of the youth housing ARC expects to receive 4.7 mln. from the state budget and 1,7 mln. separate from his, which will build for young families, 2.6 thousand square meters. m. According to the program of housing construction in rural areas scheduled to be commissioned 8,6 thousand square meters. m, which is expected subsidy of $ 4.6 mln. from the state budget and 2.95 mln. from the budget autonomy. To solve the problem of housing troops Treasury promises this year to allocate nearly 4.96 mln. The construction of housing for returnees Autonomy expects funding of $ 26.1 mln. from the state budget and 3,2 mln. contribute from their own, which will allow to construct 12.1 thousand square meters. m of housing.

According to the forecast construction policy minister of Crimea, the growth rate of investment in housing construction this year will amount to 113.4%. True, the idea of ??ministerial cheaper housing through provision of free land has already encountered a lack of understanding of the local authorities. Thirteen regions said they participated in a pilot project for the construction of affordable housing will not be able to accept, citing a lack of available land. "Almost one hundred percent of the regions wrote: there is no money in the budgets can not provide anything, - said Vladimir Nikolov. - At the same time I took a brief analysis, who should allocate land for housing. It turns out that isolated individuals, organizations who do not have anything to do with building that receive plots of land, at best, trying to get a package polurazreshitelnyh documents, and then run with him as his bag with a written wanting to offer it to someone. <...> So it's not even in the absence of funds in local budgets, and in the approach. " But do not forget that the resale price per square meter of housing grows by at least 11% of its construction cost. And this money, and considerable, that people actually have to give for nothing.
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