Housing near Moscow is preparing for a rise in prices

21.01.2011 12:10
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing near Moscow is preparing for a rise in prices Suburban real estate market is preparing to finally emerge from the crisis, believe realtors and developers of suburban Moscow home. Believe in the intensive care unit cottage construction experts makes the growth of demand and shrinking supply of low-rise housing. According to the company Vesco Consulting, last year buyers are "eaten" about half of the country of new buildings, and the number of transactions increased by 20%. On the wave of growth investaktivnosti this year near Moscow, homeownership can rise in price by 15%.

In 2010, the number of new cottage villages in the Moscow region have declined by more than 43%, and sell the land - 60%, said CEO Alex Vesco Consulting Averyanov. Thus the purchasing activity in the primary market suburban housing increased by 20%: Last year it sold more than 12,5 thousand households. Number of deals we have reached pre-crisis levels, said Department Director suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, Dmitry Tsvetkov. According to him, the share of investment deals amounted to about 10%. At the same time, the expert believes that today each of the bargain is the nature of the investment: "This is one of the features of the post-crisis real estate market", according to RBC daily ".

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According to Vesco Consulting, the most popular format in 2010 were sites without having to contract for construction. In this segment, is concentrated 74% of demand (sold about 9.25 thousand sites). The second most popular format is the cottage (17%, or 2.19 thousand objects). Townhouses were needed in 6% of the buyers (752 deals), and the share of the apartments had only 3% of consumer demand (323 apartments).

The crisis has allowed investors to buy real estate outside Moscow with a substantial discount. In 2010, the average contract price in the market of cottage newly fallen by 21% to 242.247 thousand dollars the spring began to rise in prices for low-rise housing, which, nevertheless, still cheaper than pre-crisis figures by 30%, notes, Dmitry Tsvetkov. This year, prices for low-rise housing can grow on average by 15%, experts believe the company "TERRA-real estate".

Experts predict Vesco Consulting, in 2010 a proposal plots without a contract will steadily diminish. People tend to buy ready-made housing, said Dmitry Tsvetkov. According to him, in the first half of 2011 will finally wash out the quality of new buildings and in the second half will be new projects. Landlords, developers have shifted to building houses, experts explain. In "Terra-Real Estate believe that suburban real estate market out of the post-crisis state of stagnation.

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