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02.12.2009 11:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing estates UKRAINE: Review, Trends, Forecasts How many cottage towns in Ukraine? It was difficult to give an answer to this question until December 2008. But with the advent of the suburban real estate portal www.zagorodna.com it became possible. On this matter to the December 2008 response to it was difficult. But with the advent of suburban real estate portal www.zagorodna.com this became possible.

Analysts consulting company RealEkspo "from 23 to 27 November 2009 had a titanic task for roll call of all cottage communities in Ukraine and refinement of data.
In the words of director Victor Kovalenko, "eventually we have the priceless, proven and reliable information on the basis of which and make educated conclusions."

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Currently, according to the company "RealEkspo" in the market appears 504 cottage village in Ukraine. Compared with December 2008, the percentage increase was 5%, ie the market came out about 50 new sites.

This is a newly built, under construction or planned cottage villages in the suburban real estate market.

By number of villages leading Metropolitan Regions: -233 facility (dekabr2008 year 219 objects) + Kiev-19 facilities, which occupy exactly 50% of the market cottage towns of Ukraine.

The second largest number of cottage townships located Crimea with 82 sites and the third Odessa area with 73 sites. Incidentally, in this region increase compared to December 2008 amounted to 13%.

The remaining 25% of cottage property as follows: Kharkov and region -20 towns, Lviv and region -17 towns, Dnipropetrovsk and region -12 towns, Donetsk and region -13 towns.

The share of the remaining towns have 1 -6 cottage villages in each region.
It is gratifying to note that all regions have a civilized approach to suburban real estate market: Only in Sumy and Kherson regions, we could not find a cottage town.

The most demanded type are cottages in the cottage communities.
In the southern regions (the Crimea, Odeskaya region) and the Kiev region there are such types of property as boathouses and villas. On the beach are built recreational complex with apartments for visitors, which often build up for sale.

The maximum average cost of 1 square. m in the cottage featured in Kiev. It amounts to 2,964 dollars per square meter (at the cost affects the majority placed in service in 2007-2008 sites).

At an average cost of 1 square. m in the cottage at the second place went to the Crimea in 1764 price dollars. (Not taken into consideration the cost of 3 objects to the value of 7, 10 and 20 thousand dollars per 1 sq. M). Compared to December 2008 amounted to a drop in prices from 50 to 80%.

In third place was Kyiv region with an average cost of 1 sq. m in 1460 dollars compared with an average cost of 1,989 dollars per 1 square meter in January 2009. (Decline of 27%).

The lowest average price of 1 square meter was Ternopil (444 dollars), Lugansk (500 Dolar) and Kirovograd ($ 520) regions.

If we look at each town separately, the minimum value recorded in the cottage "at ease" (Odessa region, Carolino Bugaz) -270 U.S. $ / sq ft and a maximum in the resort club "Black Sea" (ARC) -19 800 U.S. $ / sq meters.

In the next review we will focus on cottage towns of each region separately. Watch for new articles.

Victor Kovalenko
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