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01.11.2010 11:11
Real Estate Market Analysis | Area of high demand The real estate market of Moscow region in many ways has become more interesting of the Moscow-lower prices, more choice. However, the problem of inadequate infrastructure and transport accessibility while inhibit its development. Nevertheless, experts believe that the potential near Moscow real estate market is already above the capital.

Near Moscow real estate market attracts buyers for two reasons. The first - the average price level in the suburbs more than two times lower than in Moscow. The second - much more choice, because the volume of supply of new buildings in 1,6 times higher than the capital. All this makes buyers on a budget more carefully consider options outside the Ring Road. Even the prospect of standing in traffic jams to get to work in Moscow, they are not particularly scary.

Among the trends in real estate near Moscow, experts note a gradual increase in demand for the most liquid objects, and the entry of new projects, whose number is five to six times higher than last year. However, despite the traditional autumn increase in customer demand, significant price increases for this type of real estate is not happening. Experts tend to explain it of discriminating buyers - they are interested only adequate in terms of price and quality facilities.

Thus, real estate agencies have recorded an increase in complaints concerning the purchase of apartments in buildings under construction near Moscow by a third since the beginning of the year, while the actual number of transactions also rose by more than 30%.

"The crisis that erupted in 2008, faced with the problem particularly acute savings. For a while, most people buying flats did not have anything to do, and when demand began to pick up gradually, it turned out that the purchase price has declined significantly, which led the majority of buyers outside the Ring Road. If two years ago, relations between Moscow and the Moscow region in the structure of sales was 45 to 55% in the current year share of the Moscow region reached 75%.

In many ways it is justified. Level of socio-domestic, commercial, transport and leisure infrastructure in the Moscow suburbs is growing every year, the border with Russia obliterated almost the entire perimeter of the capital and urban areas are integrated into each other "- the head of consulting and analytics company ABC Housing" Artem Rzhavsky.

According to the head of the analytical center corporation Incom Dmitry Taganova, about 70% of consumers potentially willing to buy an apartment in the suburbs. " However, in practice before the actual transaction comes less than 10-15% of the applicants.

"This is a low level of infrastructure development in the area. These 10-15% of the real buyers - people in dire need of better housing, but do not have enough money to buy housing. Most potential buyers are considering buying a home in the suburbs as one of the many options and only if all the conditions necessary for a comfortable existence, "- explains Dmitry Taganov.

Nevertheless, the potential near Moscow real estate market experts estimate above the capital. "With high consumer demand, we expect further growth in the primary market segment of real estate near Moscow.

Our partners are developers continue to explore promising areas such as Khimki, Krasnogorsk, Balashikha, Odintsovo and Leninsky districts. Also there is a lot of interest from developers to the town of Pushkin, Mytishchi, Lyubertsy, Domodedovo, Podolsk.

The presence of significant land resources in the more remote Solnechnogorsk, Ramenskoye and Naro-Fominsk areas allows us to hope that in the suburbs for the foreseeable future is unlikely to run short of new apartments, "- says CEO of the agency MIAN Basil Mitko.

Price - the main factor of the attractiveness of suburban square meters. According to the company "Inkom-real estate", the average cost per square meter in the primary market of housing in Moscow is around 60.78 thousand rubles. In Moscow this figure is higher by more than two and a half times (156.7 thousand rubles. For 1 square. M), with the cheapest deals in new buildings on the outskirts of Moscow, starting from 95-105 thousand rubles. per square meter. Thus, even with this scenario, the price difference is quite significant.

Until the end of the year, according to the assumptions of experts, the prices at Moscow square meters will rise, but growth did not affect the whole market as a whole, but only the most liquid objects.

"Since August 2010 the average price of new building is adjusted slightly downward. This decrease is related only to the fact that during the third quarter came on the market for a large number of new projects in the early stages of construction with the time of commissioning in late 2011 and in 2012 at prices 12-15% below the average.

However, the ever-increasing demand for new buildings of Moscow region will promote a gradual increase in prices. Until the end of the year against the backdrop of the ongoing business of the season and the growing consumer interest is expected to further rise in prices for new buildings of Moscow suburbs. Thus, the annual increase in average price per square meter is likely to reach 10-12% relative to the end of 2009.

In this case, the rate of appreciation of newly Economy and komfortklassov enjoying massive demand, will tend to the upper limit of the above range, and is likely to reach 12%. Indicators of price dynamics in housing estates business class will be slightly lag behind the average market rate: the annual increase in prices in this segment, most likely, will not exceed 8-10% "- explains Artem Rzhavsky.

Optimal in terms of price and quality of housing experts call the areas of integrated development of tourist and urban komfortklassov Balashikha, Rail, Lyubertsy, Lobnya, Moscow, etc. "As for the distribution of demand between the towns of Moscow region, the most popular are the ones which created the most comfortable conditions for living and working - Khimki, Reutov, Mytishchi, Odintsovo Dolgoprudny.

Some purchasers of the apartments outside the Moscow Ring Road, it is important to have created jobs and daily did not have to spend much time on a trip to the capital. Unfortunately, very few cities can offer high quality work with a more or less adequate income. Solve the problem will help the comprehensive development areas, ie, construction of commercial real estate - business centers, logistics and hotel complexes, shopping centers, as well as social infrastructure - schools, kindergartens, recreational centers and so on.

All this makes the residential real estate demand among buyers, and hence more liquid, because the future residents will be able not only to live in comfort, but also to work nearby, "- says Dmitry Taganov.

According to the Steklov Institute, the largest selection of new buildings offer Krasnogorsk and Balashikha. The second highest number of new homes are single and Podolsk, - the third Lyubertsy and Khimki. These six cities account for about one third of total supply in the homes of new buildings of Moscow suburbs.

"Taking into account the wishes regarding the location of the house and the budget available to the buyer, our realtors can offer apartments in the area of Lyubertsy 43,08-182,64 sq. M per 3,171-17,350 million rubles.; Khimki - 42,47-118, 89 apartment. m for 2,463-8,322 million rubles.; Krasnogorsk - 86,5-130,8 sq. m per 7,266-10,725 million rubles. Located a little farther from Moscow Odintsovo apartments of 75,05-106,0 square. m sold for 4,816-6,678 million rubles., Balashikha - 40,69-118 sq. m for 1,627-7,700 million rubles. And in Podolsk, located 16 km away from Moscow with a sum of 1,926-5,967 million rubles. You can buy flat area 37,4-132,6 sq. m ", - said Vasily Mitko.

According to company ABC housing, the most expensive valued square meter in Krasnogorsk (105.7 thousand rubles.) Shows (90.2 thousand) and Reutov (87,2 thousand). More low cost options can be found in Podolsk (52.9 thousand rubles. Per square meter), Zvenigorod (54,9 thousand), Aprelevka (55.3 thousand) and frontal (50 thousand). Average cost per square meter in Dolgoprudnom of 82.7 thousand rubles., Balashikha - 70.1 thousand, in Mytischi - 82.9 thousand, in Lyubertsy - 66,8 thousand, Queen - 80.1 thousand rub.

Thus, with a budget of 2 million rubles. is quite possible to look after a small one-room Moscow apartment. "The minimum budget for purchases in the near suburbs to date is about 2 million rubles. For this price you can buy a one-room apartment in a newly constructed panel area of 35-40 square meters. M" - says Artem Rzhavsky.

The company "Inkom-real estate" offered such an option: one-bedroom apartment in Ostrowiec in the panel house for 2.2 million rubles. The area offers about 43 square meters. m. For the 2.5 million sold odnushka a new LCD "Youth" in Solnechnogorsk. The area of this apartment in the panel house, whose construction is completed, is 53 square meters. m

Often at a low price are the location of flaws. For example, according to company Est-a-tet, in Podolsk cost of apartments in the house on the street. North is 39 860-43 850 rub. per square meter. In this case, the company noted that the relatively low prices due to the remoteness of the house from the city center, as well as the presence of nearby industrial zone.

Now many developers are reoriented with economy-class housing in komfortklass. According to estimates, "ABC housing, the share komfortklassa in the structure of the demand of new buildings of Moscow region reaches 60%. "Housing komfortklassa - it is primarily monolithic or monolithic-brick houses that are in high demand from buyers of apartments in the suburbs.

In the sales structure Miana on this segment accounts for about 90-95% sold in the Moscow apartment. The average cost of economy class apartment is about 3 million rubles., Komfortklass expensive almost half - about 4,624,000 rubles. ", - Said Vasily Mitko. The higher price is justified by the development of the consumer characteristics: improved infrastructure, the level of security, availability and service operation that is n.

The lowest value of the house can be obtained by purchasing an apartment in the initial phase of construction. According to the calculations of "The ABC of Housing", currently on sale is more than 580 residential buildings, while 10-12% are in the early stages of construction (site preparation and foundation work). However, housing at the initial stage does not use yet very popular with buyers.

In most cases, buyers prefer the almost finished project. "There's still the greatest demand is for apartments in finished homes that have either already passed state commission, or it is about to happen. For buyers it is very convenient - they make a deal almost immediately get the keys and can start making repairs. It is worth noting that Such characteristics demand due to market conditions.

Quite a few buildings in the crisis have been frozen, and now they have just completed or already completed. New projects for the same reasons not to market. In addition, banks are very reluctant to lend to home buyers "in the pit", - says Dmitry Taganov.

According to company ABC housing, residential housing on the fourth (assembly housing is completed, underway, finishing work) and fifth (the object is put CC) stages of willingness to take 44 and 33% in the structure of demand, respectively. Interest in projects at earlier stages of construction are significantly lower. So, buy the house at the zero stage of construction is ready to just 4% of the customers at home, where an installation of a ground part, interested in 19% of buyers. The number of investment deals compared to the year 2009 has doubled - up to 4-5%, but the pre-crisis levels (10-15%) is far away.
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