On Auction Real Estate

Auction real estate in developed countries is a common tool for sale of residential, commercial and suburban real estate. In the world of total volume of transactions at auctions of real estate varies from 30 to 80%. For Ukraine, this form of sale of real estate is relatively new.
Auctions in Kiev, as the scheme conclusion of real estate transactions have become relevant because of the crisis on the real estate market. In a crisis, market participants need an effective way of sale and real estate appraisal and auction is a proven and transparent tool for sellers and buyers of apartments, houses, villas, plots.
Auctions can take a serious share in the segment of the Kiev real estate sales, and potentially become a common tool for assessing apartments for realtors, sellers and buyers, as it happens in developed countries.
Buying or selling real estate in the auction has many advantages, including: transparency of transactions, the market valuation of the property, the speed of the transaction, access to a wide audience. The seller and the buyer an opportunity to find each other at the time of the auction.
Open auction - a major advantage for the buyer and seller of real estate. Every house, apartment or office put up for auction at the lowest price, which is lower than the market. Sold at auction can assess property based on the existing parameters.

The first professional real estate auction ZAGORODNA.com

Auction ZAGORODNA.com represents a unique open trading platform for the sale and purchase of real estate. Rules of auction developed in accordance with applicable law governing the relationship between all participants in the auction and provide enforceable action by the parties.

In the current market situation became urgent advantages provided by the auction:
shortening the exposure of properties to 30 days;
advertising campaign, put up for auction real estate;
relatively low initial price offered for auction houses.
All this attracts large numbers of buyers and sellers who are ready to actively participate in the auction competition.

Sellers can be confident that during the auction generated the highest possible price for each object.

Customers participating in the auctions, independently form the price of the selected objects, and eventually acquire the property at a fair price.


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