For Sellers Real Estate

Auction offers a unique opportunity to find a buyer for your property for short term

To put a property on the auction, your realtor should register
If you do not have a trusted agent, you can invite a realtor from RE "RealEkspo.
Agent on your behalf will do all the work necessary to prepare your apartment, house or other property to maximize the successful sale at auction.

Representing your interests, real estate agent, acting on the basis of a notarised power of attorney, does the following:
Fills a request for or associated with the representative of the auction
Collects and reviews all documents necessary for the sale of the property.
Signs Contract with the commission and pays the auction organizer 1500 (One thousand pyatsot) hryvnia for the nomination of the property at the auctions.
Creates a professional description of the property and provides a floor plan.
To take photographs for an advertising campaign of the object.
Conducts daily show (Open House) of the object before the auction.
Advise you in the process of the final determination of the conditions of the Contract of sale, helping you with your signing this Agreement and bring the transaction to completion.
After bidding the auction organizer shall sign a winner of the auction to the highest bidder, the Protocol on the results. Protocol is a preliminary contract and to conclude an agreement of sale.

Real property and put up for auction, should be owned by the seller. At the time of application, as well as during the preparation and conduct of the auction, real estate should not be alienated, not to be laid down, not transferred in trust are not subject to any obligation not pledged in favor of third parties, including court, under the prohibitions do not belong. There should be registered no restrictions in relation to objects.

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