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How to get Exclusive, keep the Seller, to close the deal and get the commissions with minimal time and money.

Auction invites you to take an effective tool for selling and buying real estate. The mechanism of the auction allows you to intensify the process of sale and increase the number of closed transactions.

In the current situation in the real estate market became especially important advantages provided by the auction. Auction reducing time exposure of the property to 30 days, and advertising campaign to attract buyers who want to take an active part in the contest for the auctioned items.

During the auction for each of the objects forming the highest possible price. In accordance with the terms of the auction with the successful bidder within 5 working days signed a contract of sale and you only have to complete the transaction.

At all stages, including the period of exposure represented by you object to the day of the auction, you are the owner of the exclusive representative of the property.

How it works:
As a professional realtor, you are applying for participation in the Auction behalf of your client, the seller (Auction works with property owners only through Realtors).
You pass the registration procedure and become a "Registered Agent". Currently, registration is free.
We conduct an advertising campaign of objects offered for auction, be involved in the auctions of potential homebuyers. The cost of exhibiting at the auctions of a property is 1500 (one thousand pyatsot) hryvnia. This payment is usually paid by the property owner.
On the day before the auction you spend a day of your property / real estate (Open House).
On the appointed day we hold a public auction in which winners are determined by (Buyer) on sale of real estate.
At the end of trading, within the period specified in the auction rules, you arrange the sale contract submitted your property.

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What gives you the status of "Registered Agent '
Increases the likelihood of the Contract for real estate services seller of real estate.
The ability to quickly find a responsible buyer of real estate.
The possibility of a successful transaction is enhanced by the participation in the Auction of potential buyers.
Outdoor Trade determines the auction price of the property, which will allow you and your client a successful transaction.
Continued participation in the auctions will allow you to quickly find buyers for sellers of real estate and at a reasonable price to acquire real estate for clients, customers, and therefore a monthly basis is much more deals!
As a "registered agent" auction you participate in the formation of the auction price for the property, and therefore will always be at the center of the supply and demand in the market. Such data may be a compelling argument in your hands to provide clients with relevant and accurate information about the current situation in the real estate market and the creation of comparative market analysis on their sites.
Auction - hundreds of buyers and sellers. Do not miss the opportunity to capitalize on this!

Register Realtors
To become a registered agent and have the right to exhibit the properties of its customers at the Auction must register and submit the following documents:

Power of attorney from the Agency's property, in which you work, the right to exhibit the properties at the Auction;
If you are not an employee of the Agency's property, you must provide a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur;
Call us at: +38 (044) 4133408 to schedule a recording.

Registration is from 10-00 to 17-00 by appointment.

Start receiving applications for registration from 1 June 2010.

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