For real estate buyers

Auction gives you a unique opportunity to acquire real estate at the best prices

What to do in order to take part in the auction:
Choose a site property, to bid for which you want to participate.
At the specified time to visit the daily show (Open House) of the selected object and see all the available documents on it.
Timely filed the auction organizer application for participation in the auction for the selected object and the necessary documents.
To view the terms of the auction and sign the deposit contract, under which the deposit is paid.
Advance in accordance with the Rules of the auction for a deposit to the account organizer of the auction and provide a receipt. The deposit is charged as part of the auction, is recurrent. In accordance with the Treaty of the deposit, the bidders who did not win, the amount of Deposit is refunded within 5 business days. Refund will be made to the account specified in the Agreement of the deposit.
Provide a notarized copies of constituent documents and registration certificate (if you are a legal entity), or a copy of a regular passport (if you are an individual).
If you are involved in the auction through a representative (estate agent) must make an advance to him a notarized power of attorney.
Participate in the auction in person or through your representative (estate agent).
The results of the auction will be made on the day of the meeting. Between the auction organizer and winner of the auction signed the Protocol on the results of the auction. This protocol is the basis for the conclusion of the Basic Agreement, required for the registration of title to the property.

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