Studing and seminars on Feng Shui

One-day seminar or  Master classes on Feng Shui

Master classes conducts feng shui Master Elena Vardimiadi-student wizard Peter Liyunga (School of Chinese metaphysics, Toronto, Canada), Master Joseph Yu (Research Center of Feng Shui, Toronto, Canada), Master Derek Walters (UK)

"Feng shui in Ukraine and Kiev or how to use the potential of the city and the country"
(3 hours, cost 280grn, minimum group 30 people).
Date -24-26 October
1.Ekskurs in history. Myth and reality in the origins of the Slavs.
2. Ukraine in the clutches of Tigger, terrain, and its impact on the character and destiny of the country.
3. Horoscope Ukraine.
4. Horoscope Russia.
5. Favorable location of the city.
6. Feng Shui main administrative buildings.
7. How to choose a good location for office and apartment.
8. Forecast for Ukraine for the next 10 years.

Special course for architects and developers
"Feng Shui small town. Rules for construction of cottage towns "
Date -05-07 November
(10 hours, costs 980 UAH, minimum group 20 people).
1. Selecting the appropriate place.
2. How to avoid protracted constructions.
3. The timing for the start of construction.
4. Basic rules of harmonious landscape.
5. How to avoid sources Sha.
6. Spatial forms and work with them.
7. Practical training.


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