Apartments in Irpen discount

Flats for sale from developers in Irpen
Special prices contribution from 90% of the cost

1. st. Lermontov 6B, 2-level apartment is 170 m2 prepares documents - 110 000 $

2. st. Lermontov 6B, 2 bedroom 1 floor, 80 m2 prepares documents - 60 000 $

3. st. Mechnikov 24, 2-bedroom 1 floor, 80 m2 ASSIGNMENT - 60 000 $

4. st. Chekhov, 1, 1-bedroom, 37 m2 - 31 $ 450 (bargain)

In the secondary housing market Irpin and the surrounding region offer virtually absent: about 85% of objects for sale - new building. And they are most in demand among buyers. This is evidenced by data from a study of the analytical department "BildGrupMenedzhment" company.

According to the company, individual apartments in the secondary market are sold at a price of about $ 1,300 / sq m, which is comparable with the prices of apartments in the residential districts of Kiev remote. At the same time an apartment in a new building, put into operation, can be purchased for $ 850-900 / sq m, unfinished objects at the basement level or first floor boxes sell for $ 600-650 / sq. The average rent for a studio apartment up to 3000 UAH / month.

"A significant part of the new building in Irpen - home to 5 floors in the apartment cost in such buildings and 9-10 story buildings as part of the residential complexes are practically identical, but the purchase of apartments in maloetazhke involves two problems Firstly, most developers of low-rise houses... according to the documents do not sell an apartment, and part of the household. What is fraught with insufficient infrastructure in the operation of the building. Secondly, these developers (and their more than 40% in Irpen) after the administration of the facility left residents one-on-one with the city, not doing a home and his service, "- analysts say.

It is learned that 80% of buyers of apartments in Irpen - Kiev, 18% - in other cities and 2% - by local residents. A significant part of buyers of apartments in houses handed over - the parents of students of the National Academy of State Tax Service of Ukraine and other universities. Two of the three apartments are sold in installments from the builder for a period of 2-3 years.


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