Luxury villa at a special price

Just before the end of the winter homes to buyers in the residential cottage town "Maetok.Pearl of Italy" offer special financial conditions:

Coup prices!

At 100% payment for home ownership you receive a discount of 10% or opportunity for internal finishing work on his taste.

Down payment of 1 year. The minimum initial contribution is 50% of the cost of homeownership, with interest on the balance cost will be made, calculation is carried out in the national currency, and the monthly payments on an agreed schedule with you.

Mortgage loans with Ukreximbank. The program loan from the bank partner, you have the unique opportunity to obtain credit on favorable terms, and as soon as possible move into the house. Mortgage is the best motivational tool for decision making when buying a country house.

Do not miss your chance to win a truly elite property. Finished houses are waiting for their owners! Offer is limited.

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