Autumn sensation from cottage «Maetok»

Especially for the future residents of the town elite "Mayetok" Pearl Іtalії has developed profitable Autumn conditions on the repair and decoration works.
When concluding a contract, a contract for $ 100 000 $ - Hire purchase payments
6 months and a gift for your choice:

- Design project for 1 UAH
- 30% discount for carrying out engineering work without taking into account the cost of materials
- Landscaping in the amount of 30,000 USD to the cost of materials.

Offer is valid from September 5. Validity of action for 3 months.

Benefits Group of Companies Mayetok:
• Ability to select and buy everything you need for decorating and create an interior in the complex
• Full range of materials for walls, ceilings and floors, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, furniture and decorative elements
• The optimal choice of price and quality, forewarned of possible errors, if necessary, provide advice of experienced professionals - architects, designers and engineers
• Through established relationships with suppliers to offer you competitive prices and services to deliver the object of ventilation equipment, air conditioners leading manufacturers LG, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, HITACHI, TOSHIBA, SHARP, DAIKIN, KENTATSU, HYNDAI, MIDEA, plumbing and heating equipment, and and "draft" of building materials (dry blends, adhesives, sealants, wire, plumbing pipes, bricks - everything you need for repair)
• All our services are performed under the Contract and under license for construction activity № 194727 of 01.12.2006, the
• Professionalism and expertise of our specialists will provide a unique interior design and high quality work

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