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Подпишись на новости, статьи, аналитику рынка недвижимости Украины и мира или акционные предложения в коттеджных городках и новостройках Украины.

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ZAGORODNA.com - the first professional information retrieval system for suburban and foreign real estate: new buildings in the suburbs, cottage villages, housing for the city, foreign real estate, construction and suburban town rest.
Share information in the system can be equally as a company (organization), and private individuals.
Accommodation information is the compulsory registration and subsequent authorization.

- All the Posted Information is being tested by system administrators, to meet the requirements to placed information (see Requirements below on this page);

You can manually add (add) its proposal in the following sections:
- Resales
- Property Abroad
- Furnishings
- Investments
- Catalog of companies and organizations

1. Sign
2. In your e-mail will be sent a Username and Password.
3. After receiving the password, the module Log introduce received Username and Password.
4. Then select the desired thematic section.
5. Choose a category and fill in the proposed forms (including photographs, text description, logo).

REQUIREMENTS place information
Portal administration ZAGORODNA.com reserves the right to refuse placement of data without explanation, in the case:
Filling incorrect, incomplete or misleading registration information;
Filling out the registration data (details of) the company or individual with capital letters (for example: King Nikolai Fedorovich), the Latin alphabet (for example: Maxim Andreevich);
Fields name, with a small letter (for example: Ivanov Petr)
Entering information in violation of Ukrainian law, generally accepted standards of morality and virtue;
Information about products and services company in the headings are not relevant activities of the company;
Information about the company is not providing services and / or goods to individuals and / or the inability to provide consumers specific region;
Accommodation properties in the headings that are inconsistent with the characteristics and parameters of these objects.

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