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Dissemination of information via email to registered users of the portal.

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The Cost Of
Ad Distributionwithin daily ad hoc distribution "ads, bids, OFFERS" the price includes accommodation 1-5. it is possible to send together with the reports of other customers. Max volume-500 characters (optimum-300), not counting spaces and contact information).
100 UAH
(per delivery)
Condolence letters to individual letter(with graphics, style). offer applies only to advertise real estate objects. 
Size-1-2 A4 pages conditional.
The maximum weight of letters-150 kb.
Number of objects is not limited.
500 UAH
(per delivery)
Mailing advertising exhibition and educational activities (graphics, style)+ additional advertising on the site (banners on the site and other mailings, placement of information in the specialized sections of the site, "", "conferences", "training").
Distribution size up to ~ 2 pages of printed text. Banners-B200x90, B468x60, B468x350 (depending on availability).
1 100 UAH
(per delivery)

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