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My husband bought an apartment, which I did not know. Am I entitled to a portion of this property?

A: If one spouse has acquired property during the marriage registered, half of the property will belong to the second wife on the right of joint ownership (Article 60 of the Family Code).

Q: What is the right to property are minors and whether to buy an apartment if the apartment has a minor child?
A: They are afraid that the apartment belongs to a minor child is not worth it. Children, like any other family member (partner), is entitled to a portion "of the property that was acquired by parents and children through their joint work and joint money" (Part 1 of Art. 175 UK Ukraine). To buy an apartment in which part of the apartment belongs to your child, you must provide (purchase) the child a similar housing without prejudicing their rights and obtain permission for the sale of bodies of trusteeship and guardianship of the registration of a minor or a minor.

Q: A buyer who is willing to buy me an apartment, said that he needs to still get a loan from a bank, and without a contract of sale will not give credit. Because I propose first to sign the contract and the money promised to pay later, three days later.
A: You can sign a contract of sale apartments, stating that the buyer is obliged to transfer your money within a certain time, say within a month after signing the agreement by the parties. And if the buyer violates this condition, the contract will be terminated.

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