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Q: How to superimpose a square Lo Shu on the apartment floor plan?
A: Magic square Lo Shu grid, or Ba-gua in the harmonization is superimposed on the apartment floor plan in accordance with the directions of the compass, ie where you have the north, will be a career band, and in this sector, you put a number 1. Differences in the book explains the different schools of Feng Shui. In my work I use a school compass, and I think that the combination of sectors of the premises with a compass toward a more constructive and efficient method for the harmonization of space.

Q: We want to build a swimming pool, but the layout of the site to post it on the east will not work. It can only be in the south, southwest or west. We want to make it round, but lay around the stone or board in the form of "bean"?
A: The pool at the site - a serious matter and requires a serious approach and analysis. Not a proper understanding - that the pool can be placed only on the east. Need to analyze the energy, which are present in a given place and where water is needed (especially active water) can have a pool.
I recommend that you contact a specialist to themselves do not make a mistake. Improper location of water can bring a lot of trouble (bankruptcy, theft, divorce, etc.)

Q: How to neutralize the large mirror opposite the entrance door?
A: Not in all cases it is bad. If you believe that this mirror prevented, it can close the stained glass films or cause drawing special paints.

Q: What does the number of my apartment: 64? And how to protect themselves from the influence of figures 4?
A: Number of apartments is very favorable and it symbolizes prosperity. So in your case to defend against 4 is not necessary.

Q: Give that means the house number 12 and flat 57? A floor plays a role (in my case the 6 th).
A: The house number symbolizes the harmony and easy to overcome obstacles. Apartment number brings gossip and intrigue.
6 floor refers to the energy of water. The current 12-year period (phase-fire), it gives a lot of opportunities (the space manages time).

Q: I have several times a day, see figure 13, especially when I look at the clock. Or the number 111 and the number 333.T.e. number which is the number 1 and 3. Already this happen more than a year. What does this mean?
A: The combination of 1 and 3 mean motion. Or the career ladder, or travel.

Q: Prompt please, what to do if a career area is completely in the toilet? Can I activate it and how? I really need now is to strengthen this area, because an opportunity to get a job.
A: In the closet you can not use any characters.
If this happens, harmonizes in another room.
In order to improve the employment situation should intensify their best direction.

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