Questions on the mortgage

Q: Will, whether the credit in the bank man, if he pre-retirement age?
A: Yes, it will, but will have to take into account several factors: - term loans shall not exceed the period of time until the borrower's retirement age (Example: You have 48 years / woman, then you will get credit for 7 years, you 51god/muzhchina - perhaps get a loan at 9 years old) - you have to work and receive official salaries - some banks are asked to provide consent to bail.
Q: is it possible to obtain a loan secured by the apartment in which registered a minor child?
A: In accordance with current legislation of Ukraine loan possible at all. Pledge apartment is one of the types of security commitments by the borrower. So essentially a loan secured by the apartment, which defines a minor child is possible. However, current legislation of Ukraine at the same time protects the interests of minor children. Today, courts do not make decisions on forced eviction from the apartment and its implementation, if it registered a minor child. Thus deprived of its own idea of an obligation by the borrower in the form of apartments and mortgage bank in the event of breach by the borrower of the loan agreement can not be issued nor returned the money, nor compensate for them through a foreclosure on the subject of the pledge. Therefore, most Ukrainian banks do not give a loan against the apartment, which registered a minor child.

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