Advice on foreign real estate

QUESTION: What is the right of residence in Germany makes the acquisition of real estate there?
ANSWER: The right to property acquired property.

QUESTION: A citizen of Russia, an ethnic German. In Germany, the grandmother lives. Is it possible to obtain dual citizenship (Russia-Germany)
ANSWER: According to the laws of Germany could not even have dual nationality. A dual citizenship with Russia only with Tajikistan.

QUESTION: Please tell us what to do to get a residence permit in Germany if I have about 2 years was a co-GmbH? I am currently in Germany on a Schengen visa and want to stay legally, but do not want to go to Ukraine and from there again to get all of the Embassy. Can I do it on the spot in Germany. Thank you.
ANSWER: In the place in Germany this can be done. To begin to accumulate money for a phone call. In Germany, there are companies that call for Russia to take 0.5 cents per minute.

QUESTION: How much is the annual Union of Translators?
Answer: From 35 euros.

QUESTION: Prompt please in some of the countries (except CIS) really go with his family for permanent residence. Who takes now? Thank you.
ANSWER: To go really anywhere in the world or Europe, depending on your possibilities. Take all! But not all! And no one is clicked, even honest and intelligent.

QUESTION: Does buying a property in Bulgaria the right to citizenship?
ANSWER: The ability to give! On the same basis as that is NOT purchased the property.

QUESTION: Are there laws for owners of property / land in Estonia, and whether there are any features for owners who are not citizens of Estonia?
ANSWER: The laws are equal for all. Special treatment to those who bought real estate in Estonia is not being made. There are only rules on the stay in the country, but they are standard for Schengen countries, with the purchase of real estate Your Social Security Number to obtain multiple visa valid for one year and the right to stay in Estonia on 6 months, then it just extended any number of times. Many of our fellow citizens are using real estate in Estonia as a country rest, or for permanent residence.

QUESTION: Prompt please where (in which the organ) is registered ownership of the property / land in Estonia, particularly in Tallinn, and also please indicate the mailing address.
ANSWER: Registration of ownership and maintenance of land book deals in Tallinn, "Department of fixing of Tallinn and Harju County in Harju county court."
Here is their contact info:
Harju MK kinnistusosakond
P?rnu mnt. 142, 11317, Tallinn,
tel: 6636967, faks: 6637015,
e-post: @

QUESTION: Can you please tell whether a natural person, a citizen of Ukraine, to buy in the Czech Republic, near Prague, works hotel restaurant (or a house under it)? Is it necessary to first "creation" of a br.litsa to purchase? Do I need to buy a stake of Czech citizens? Can I as the owner of this Binz take up my family - a mother and an adult brother (or they should also have to be partners will)?
ANSWER: Commercial real estate in the Czech Republic sold only at the legal entity, ie will need to open a company in which you will be the CEO, and your family partners. Unfortunately, without this your relatives will not give permanent residency. Equity participation of Czech citizens in acquiring real estate is not required.

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