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Real estate – the most expensive piece of property, even a slight change in the value of real estate can mean really great amount of money. Therefore, the correct definition
the market value of the apartment (cottage, land) the competent assessment of real estate in Ukraine – one of the most important points in the process of sale/lease real estate.
To estimate the value of its real estate, you can use the on-line real estate assessment calculator, developed by the company
• The evaluation algorithm based on real estate price statistics collected, taking into account the proposals, location, number of rooms, type of real estate
• To assess is the average value of showing the error in calculating the statistics.
• Evaluation Algorithm does not take into account the condition of real estate, a phone, the type of Windows, as well as some other parameters.
Warning! Real estate assessment alone you can get the price of the apartment, which is significantly different from the prices at which it can be sold.
Attention!What you estimate your apartment in our company, does not oblige you to use the services of our company in the sale of housing. 

The method of estimation of apartments
 Of Kyiv regionand across the. The basis is the minimum price for 1 m2 apartment with the same number of rooms in the selected location. After this, the costs are added or subtracted coefficients to evaluate the true cost of the apartment. For example to assess one-room apartment in Boryspil, which is located near the motorway on the 5th floor brick house built in 1994, with excellent repair, minimal infrastructure, poor views from the Windows and without the phone. The minimum cost of 1 m2 studios in Boryspil at the balance sheet date amounted to $ 1200. United States. So, the cost of 1 m2 of our apartment is = 1200 + 1200 * 1200 * 0.05 + 0.0 + 0.15 + 1200 * 1200 * 1200 * 0.15 + 0.05-0.05-1200 * 1200 * 0.003 = $ 1616. United States for 1 sq.m.
To koÈficientam, increase or lower the cost of apartments include:
transport availability, number of storeys, condition, infrastructure, material of walls.
If the client does not fill any of the coefficients, then the data neotmečennogo factor in the calculation are not involved.

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