Methodology for online assessment of suburban real estate

Methods of online assessment of suburban houses and land plots

Methods of online assessment of country houses with land (Kiev / Ukraine)

This service will allow for online assessment of your cottages, country houses, villas, land at any point of Ukraine. For the basis take a minimum price of 1 square meter of a country house with land in the selected village (more than 90% of proposals for sale of cottages, houses and cottages do not share the cost of land and cost of directly home, and exhibited a uniform price for a cottage with land ). Then, this price is added or subtracted from the coefficients to assess the real value of a country house.

For example one needs to evaluate cottage, located near s.Katyuzhanka, Vyshgorodskiy area outside the cottage community. This house is located near the road, with excellent repair, minimal infrastructure, availability of electricity, gas and water supply. Material of construction - sandwich panel. The minimum cost of 1 square meter house with a land size of the balance sheet date amounted to, for example, $ 900. Thus, the cost of 1 sq. m of our house is = 900 +900 * 0.0 +900 * 0.05 +900 * 0.15 +900 * 0.05 +900 * 0.05 +900 * 0.01 +900 * 0.0 = 1179 dollars per 1 sq.m.

Affecting on the cost variables and coefficients are:
location, property type, area of the house, transport accessibility, condition of the house, porch, communications, infrastructure, materiavl walls, roof material.

If the customer does not fill any of the coefficients, the data is unchecked factor in the calculation are not involved.

Methods of online assessment of land (Kiev / Ukraine)
Online assessment of land held under the method of "analogies" with the use of coefficients.

By corrective coefficients are:
communication in the area, relief, ownership of land.

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