Residential real estate informers
To the attention of specialized sites for real estate.
Informer of the analytical center of the portal allows first in Ukraine to publish on your website current index value market of the country and overseas real estate, as well as their changes: informer of cottage townships, informer for New suburbs ticker secondary market of the country nedvizhmosti, informer on foreign real estate. Information informers is updated automatically. Using this tool will allow you to increase the information value and attractiveness of your resource.
To install the informer rather add to your site code

Informers called a special unit that is installed on site to provide visitors additional operational information in a selected area. Information in these elements (the informer) is updated automatically, which eliminates the need for site owners to create and maintain additional sections on their websites, focusing on the main topics the site.
The most widespread currency, weather and news ticker.
Our portal, as well as other information providers, provides site owners the opportunity to receive timely updated information. We can offer thematic informers, which can be placed on your site.
Question may arise - and why we need informers? The answer is quite simple. First, it increases the variety of informative site. Secondly, the sites are not portals are updated less frequently, and the installation of the informer would create an updated piece of information, which will serve to attract additional visitors interested in obtaining fresh thematic information. Thirdly, the installation of the informer can, almost without making the extra effort to make the site more dynamic and appropriate requirements of the visitor.
To install the informer you need to select the type of the informer, customize its look and color scheme, copy the resulting html-text and post it on your web pages.
We will make sure that our news ticker has been a harmonious component of your site and fully integrate its design.




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