Seminar on «5 business strategies in a recession»

Kiev, 16-18 December.
Business-Center "National"
The strategic realignment of businesses in crisis and subsequent recession

Through participation in this director's workshop leader will receive the tools and be able to better understand the changes taking place, to assess the future market and move to the necessary business transformation during and after the crisis. Head straight to the workshop will evaluate current and future business lines, products and services. Provide tools to describe and update the main elements of its business model and its changes, tools for moving from problem situation-specific plans and activities for the transformation of the company.
During the recession and the market crisis manager must:

- Deal with current and future market

- To develop its anti-crisis strategy

- Change the way business management

- Maintain and develop strategic personnel

- Increase the proposed value of goods and services

- Optimize costs, taking into account the changed situation

- Increase the margin core of your business

- Take advantage of opportunities arising in the market

The main groups of methods used in the Workshop "Turbo-Business ™»

1. 5 strategies business in a recession, how their choices and possible results

2. Methods of assessing the situation in your business and prospects of its development in terms of changes

3. Methods for rapid analysis of the shortcomings of your competitiveness in the new environment and to improve it.

4. Methods for identifying and evaluating the new conditions of promising directions for the development of promising activities, goods and services.

5. Methods of systematic increase in demand even on "bad" markets.

6. Methods for managing long-term profitability of your business.

7. Methods for optimization of costs and value of goods and services.

8. How to identify your reserves and capacity to conserve and enhance profits.

9. Tactical methods to increase profitability of your business on a regular basis.

10. Methods of targeting your company and management team to seek opportunities and business development.

11. Methods of rapid transition from planning to the activities and actions.

During and after participation in the workshop owners, company directors and their teams will be able

1. Be able to predict the prospects in a timely manner, or the futility of existing and new lines of business in the changed circumstances

2. Be able to understand the market changes and plan changes in their operating models.

3. Learn to identify promising areas of crisis and recovery markets

4. Be able to determine what types of savings are possible and necessary and which are harmful and dangerous for the viability and future of the company.

5. Will, along with key staff to determine the future model of the company and develop a plan for change.

6. Be able to identify the reserves for survival and development.

7. Learn even the "bad" markets affect demand and / or creating an explosive demand.

8. Will directly during the workshop to plan activities for the transition to a new model work.

9. Learn to move from the objectives and strategies to plans, activities and actions

10. Will set of tools for the final planning for the transition to a new model of work and development in new conditions.

TURBO-Business Center is an expert on techniques for identifying business resources, identifying and evaluating market opportunities, enhance the value and optimize the costs of creating value. Already more than 3500 managers participated in the workshops of business development for the rearrangement of their business and exit from local crises. There are reviews of a substantial change of position and financial results of companies with the introduction developed at these workshops decisions and plans.

* Difference Studios ™ business from traditional tpeningov and seminapov:

• in the process of working on the workshop, each manager reviews and analyzes examples of foreign companies are not, as the situation in your business.

• mini-group and individual participants practiced in a real material of their business, which allows participants to directly during tpeninga begin applying the methods TURBO-business for small businesses and transfer the acquired knowledge in practice areas;

• TURBO-business techniques can immediately evaluate your business and take decisions on their development;

• TURBO-business methods allow the head, returning to the company, the company, to immediately apply them to business development and capture the market.

All participants tpeninga provided "Supporting Materials.

* Business Coach:

Kuchinsky, Sergey Pavlovich

Sergey Kuchinsky for many years led the marketing and commercial services in the leading Western corporations (XEROX, etc.) in our markets. Advice to local businesses under the auspices of the TACIS and others Advises local and Western firms of different industries (high tech, food, furniture, agricultural raw materials, distribution, manufacturing, service, etc.). By techniques of intensive training advice for managers. Held several hundreds of workshops for managers to adjust and improve the strategy and tactics of business.


- A set of teaching materials, shall be issued;

- Diploma of advanced training on the subject.


3800.00 UAH. - For one participant.

For second-and third-party discount - 5% and 7% respectively.

The price includes: information and consulting services, collection of materials, coffee breaks, lunch in a restaurant, discussion papers and exchange views with the lecturer.

Rules Seminar: 10.00 - 18.00. Break 14.00-15.00.

Registration from 9.30 am in the lobby.

P | S: This program provides for the holding of corporate (individual) order CO specially designed examples and problems specific to your business and level of training groups.

Subjects of the seminar is fully covers the scope of their business, and the costs for participation include the composition of gross (Article 5 of the memory on enterprise income tax ") that are associated with the preparation, organization and management of production. All participants are given a set of accounting documents: the original contract, act and accounts.

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