Licensing documentation to the building from A to Z in accordance with recent legislative changes

February 5.
Kiev, Boul. Shevchenko 4, Hotel St. - Petersburg

Licensing documentation to the building from A to Z in accordance with recent legislative changes.

1. A new procedure for obtaining rights to land.
- The main stages of obtaining licensing documents for the construction of residential houses: procedural nuances, and practical experience.
- Preliminary agreement - is it always necessary?
- Withdrawal of land for building - when possible.
- Building on the land: an analysis of recent changes in the Law of Ukraine "On planning and territorial development".
- Troubleshooting relating to registration of title documents are not land.
- New documentation for making public act.
- Procedural documents for privatization of land.
- Obtaining the right to land in accordance with the law, which came into force on 02 мая 2009 г.
- Pledge of land and rights to them.
- Procedure for development of technical documentation on the ground in new ways.

2. Public hearings in the new conditions.
- Public debate and public hearings - the proportion of concepts and a new legislative procedure.
- Algorithm of public hearings - new problems for the customer.
- The order of assessment and appeal the results of public hearings.

3. New permits in construction.
- Consequences of the abolition of the APZ and the new list of source data for design.
- What replaces the building permit.
- A new procedure for obtaining information about possible types of buildings and restrictions on the land.
- In what cases should have permission to perform preliminary construction work.
- A new procedure for approval of project documentation.
- A new procedure for issuing permits for construction work.
- When required authorization Architecture and Town Planning Council.

4. New rules for payment and calculation of mutual participation in the development of infrastructure of the city.

5. Construction and transfer of engineering networks and communications
- Reimbursement of the developer costs of building additional networks.
- The right developer for the construction of networks.
- Responsibility of public authorities for violation of terms of issue of TU.

6. Mortgage and unfinished construction.
- The new definition of the object construction in progress.
- Procedure for registration of the mortgage contract.

7. A new procedure for the adoption of the complete construction of the object.
- The mechanism and modalities of operation.
- Procedure for convening and work acceptance committee.
- Timing and documentation necessary for the commission.
- Certificate - as a reason To put into operation.

8. How to recognize the right of ownership of the illegally constructed objects.

Business Consultant:
Elena Sukmanova - k.yu.n. , Lawyer, director of the law firm Elite Consulting,
Simchishina Tatiana - Deputy Director of the Institute of legal consulting and investment designing, ex. Deputy Head of regulatory and information-analytical support of land reform, the Ukrainian State Committee on Land Resources of Ukraine.
The cost of participation in the seminar:
950.00 uah. - For one participant.
For second-and third-party discount - 5% and 7% respectively.

The price includes: information and consulting services, collection of materials, coffee breaks, lunch in a restaurant, discussion papers and exchange views with the lecturer.

Each participant is provided with:
Set of teaching materials;
Diploma of advanced training on the subject.

Rules Seminar: 9.30 - 17.30. Break 14.00-14.45.
Registration from 9.00 in the lobby.

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