Kiev. November 2-3. Workshop: Representations of non-residents in Ukraine

Seminars on real estate, construction, investments in Ukraine.
Audit-consulting group "Compass" invites you to participate in the workshop on "Representations of non-residents in Ukraine", which will be held November 2-3 in Kiev.
Workshop held for representatives of non-resident, who did not conduct business activities in Ukraine.


To light the problematic issues faced by non-resident representation and specific examples to suggest ways of their solutions.


1 day. Accounting and tax features.

Legislature of the Missions - non-residents in Ukraine.
Representatives of enterprises and nonprofit organizations.
The main constituent documents and their content.
Accounting policies and accounting offices - need or not ....
Primary document.
The cost of the acquisition, renovation and modernization of fixed assets.
Acquisition of fixed assets for the currency.
Accounting and taxation of transactions with intangible assets.
Formation of tax liabilities on disposal of fixed assets.
Fixed assets in the financial and operational leasing. Problematic issues of return.
Advertising campaigns and advertising, lotteries and exhibitions.
Purchase, registration and cancellation of advertising materials.
All on business trips and travel costs.
Cash in the discipline office. Currency and Ukrainian.
Cooperation with the private entrepreneurs.
Terms of declaration of income for non-residents.
The order of calculation of gross income for the missions that perform representational functions.
VAT and representation of non-residents.
The procedure for tax assessment and delivery of reporting.
Tax on personal income for Missions - non-residents.
Terms of contract and much more.

Day 2. Staff representatives of non-residents in Ukraine

Labor relations with employees representatives and pay General.

The order of registration and place of employment accounting books.
Conclusion of employment contract (contract): the essential conditions.
Implementation of legislative requirements.
Calculation of payments at the average wage (vacation, sick, they had lost).
Payments to social insurance funds.
Taxation of income of workers.
Features wage concurrently.
Payment for work performed under contracts of civil law.

Particulars of labor relations with foreign workers.

Overview of the Ukrainian legislation on immigration issues.
Permission to work in Ukraine.
The order of entry (exit) of foreign workers. Types of visas.
Migration registration of foreign workers who are authorized to take him. Features of movement of foreign workers on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, particularly in the mission.
How to formalize the employment relationship with foreign workers.
Features wage foreign workers.
Contributory social insurance, payment of temporary disability.
Taxation of foreign workers. Removal of double taxation of income of foreign workers.

Checks and responsible missions - non-residents.

Checks controlling bodies: Inspection of the Labor, Employment Service, the Prosecutor's Office, the migration service.
Responsibility of employers for violations of the order of the admission of foreign nationals to work and labor laws.
Responsibility for violation of the order of stay of foreign workers in the territory of Ukraine.
Types of responsibility for violations of labor legislation.
Legislature of the Missions - non-residents in Ukraine.
Personnel records. The rules of admission, dismissal and promotion of workers' representatives.

The participation fee per participant in 1460 UAH.
Registration by phone: 8 (044) 428-88-93, 428-78-68.
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