Kiev, 14-15 November 2009 Course «Star Sales»

Seminars on real estate, construction, investments in Ukraine.
Development Center, "Second Wind" inviting to pass the course "Star sales.
Our course is aimed at people who understand that today the time of new opportunities.

We offer a fresh look at the sales process to rethink and change it on your own company.


Module number 1 (14-15 November 2009)
# Sales - the foundation of business. Ontology of sales;
# Fundamentals of the seller;
# The purpose of the task, the operation of the seller;
# Responsibility, organization, motivation;
# Organization of consciousness. Perception and personal projection;
# Emotions, paralyzing the activities of the seller;
# Business conversation. Structure and efficient algorithm;
# Basic laws and rules by which the lives of business;
# Knowledge, understanding, pitfalls of the sales process;
# The concept of relationships in business.

Course features:

6 independent modules lasting 2 days, the last 6-th module - 3 days (includes final economic game and gala dinner).

Organizer of the course, business coach Vyacheslav Tatarchuk +38 050 462-27-15

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