Seminar on «Business as an Object for Investment»

March 11.
Kiev, Boul. 4 Shevchenko hotel "Saint Petersburg".
In that invest in a falling market and how to evaluate properties for purchase?

When the market grows, all businesses grow along with it and the value of most assets is growing. Therefore, select an object for investment are not especially complicated. When business activity is shrinking, reducing the size of markets and businesses in these markets, and the cost of most assets falls.
But money can not lie without motion, otherwise the inflation will reduce their purchasing power. To maintain and increase their capital they need to invest. What can invest money in falling markets?

• Investors
• The owners and management companies wishing to make their companies attractive targets for investment and increase their value
As a result of participation in the seminar you will learn:
- What is included in the value of property investments, and what factors influence its change
- How to evaluate the attractiveness of potential sites for investment
You can:
- Choose the correct object for investment (or how to make your company an attractive target for investment) in a falling market.
Seminar program:

• Why the traditional assets of the now lost their attractiveness as an investment?
• Business as an object for investment
• The components of business value and their changes at different stages of company development
• Time to invest in the business and the time to earn income on investments
• Effect of ups and downs of the market to make up the company's value
• Assess the attractiveness of an investment
• How to determine the growth potential of the company's value
• What are the criteria to evaluate the attractiveness of investment
• What to invest in a falling market so as to get a good return?

Author and presenter of the workshop:
Nesterov Fedor Vladimirovich professional business consultant since 1994.
- More than 120 completed consulting projects in various sectors (heavy industry, transport, communications, education, agriculture, food industry, etc.).
- Author of numerous publications on the effectiveness of people and organizations.
- Winner of the award named after AN Ostrovsky in science and technology.
- Repeatedly presented reports on the Ukrainian and international conferences.
- Expertise in the following areas:
- Create and configure the management teams.
- Optimization of the operating activities of organizations.
- Managing strategic crisis and develop strategies for breakthrough.
Forms of work: lectures, analysis of case studies, answers to interesting questions.
- A set of teaching materials;
- Diploma of advanced training on the subject.
950.00 uah. - For one participant.
For second-and third-party discount - 5% and 7% respectively.
The price includes: information and consulting services, collection of materials, coffee breaks, lunch in a restaurant, discussion papers and exchange views with the lecturer.

Regulations: 9.30-17.30. Break 13.30-14.30.
Registration from 9.00 in the lobby.

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