Seminar on a simplified procedure for acquiring land rights

Kyiv, January 26
Business Center "National"
Seminar: Changes in land laws, which come into force in December 2009 and January 2010 - a simplified procedure for acquisition of land

Subjects of the seminar is fully covers the scope of their business, and the costs for participation include the composition of gross (Article 5 of the memory of the enterprise income tax ") that are associated with the preparation, organization and management of production. All participants are given a set of accounting documents: the original contract, act and accounts.


1. The new balance of categories and target use of land.

- Main categories of land in accordance with the latest changes in the Land Code of Ukraine;

- What is permissible uses and the purpose of the land;

- Judicial practice relating to cessation of rights to land in relation to misuse;

2. New procedure for obtaining free of charge to the ownership of land:

- The procedure of application and the documents attached thereto;

- Otutstvie act of choice land;

- The reasons and procedure for appealing the denial of the land.

3. Changes in the transfer of ownership or usage rights to land in the transition of ownership of the building:

- Order the termination of land rights in the sale of the property;

- A new essential condition of the contract of alienation of the building on the land;

- Procedure for the formation of the land and its size;

- Changes in art. 377 Civil Code of Ukraine.

4. The order granting land plots of state and communal property:

- An exhaustive list of grounds for the development of the project land for allotment of land;

- Clear grounds for denial of permission for the development of the project land;

- Mandatory content solutions for the withdrawal of land;

5. New list of cases where the land (or rights to it) the state or municipal property is delivering to the ownership or use without the sale on a competitive basis!

6. A new procedure for approval of matters connected with the withdrawal (redemption) of land for public purposes or for reasons of social necessity.

7. A new body to coordinate land management documentation:

- Composition and creation of the Commission;

- Range of issues, which coordinates the Commission;

- To appeal its decisions.

8. Final and transitional provisions of the Act.

Business Coaches:

Elena Sukmanova - k.yu.n. , Lawyer, director of the law firm Elite Consulting, Head of Legal Department, Ukrainian Financial-Consulting Group

Tatiana - Court of Appeals Judge Oblasnogo

The cost of participation in the seminar:

950.00 uah. - For one participant.

For second-and third-party discount - 5% and 7% respectively.

The price includes: information and consulting services, collection of materials, coffee breaks, lunch in a restaurant, discussion papers and exchange views with the lecturer.

Each participant is provided with:

Set of teaching materials;

Diploma of advanced training on the subject.

Rules Seminar: 9.30 - 17.30. Break 14.00-14.45.

Registration from 9.00 in the lobby.


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