Seminar on «Doing Business in the property market»

January 17, 2012, at the initiative of the All-Ukrainian public organization "League of Experts of Ukraine" (Leu), held in Kiev workshop on:
"Doing business in the real estate market in modern conditions."
tel. For information and registration:
+38 (067) 3811143
· This workshop is designed for managers and entrepreneurs who provide services on the market.
· Seminar by leading experts Leu, with extensive practical experience in law, economics, expert activity, analysts and statisticians, the authors of successful commercial projects, and legal initiatives on the real estate market.
· The seminar was organized to assist operators of real estate market in order to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of professional activity.
· Issues to be covered at the seminar include the legislative outcome of 2011 kinds of related business activities in real estate and legal settlement:

1. Fiscal policy in real estate.
1.1. How to reduce the risks of doing business and improve the efficiency of enterprises and entrepreneurs in the current fiscal - the fiscal legislation?
1.2. Business Administration and Reporting (necessary and sufficient conditions).
1.3. Contractual basis.
Matters shines Bovsunovskaya Svetlana, Vice - President of the Leu, an expert in the field of law.

2. New - the old rules of the real estate market.
2.1. Procedure for registration of real estate.
2.2. Land issues.
2.3. Questions of pricing and taxation.
Matters shines Sidnenko Oleg, President Loew, an expert in the field of investment and business management

3. Analytics and statistics real estate market.
3.1. Indices of the real estate market for 2011.
3.2. Analysis of the actual statistics of actual transactions for 2009 - 2010 years, received and processed according to the Ministry of Justice LEU.
Matters shines Guselnikov Andrew, head of the commission Leu, an expert in intelligence and statistics.

Registration for the workshop and additional information please call:
+38 (067) 3811143.

Cost of participation:
500 hryvnia (a system of group discounts).

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