Cottage construction from «A» to «Z» (2008)

Program of seminar in the frame of exhibition "Suburban Real Estate -2008"
Date - March 25
Place - Pr. Pobedy, 40b (The Blue Room, 1 st floor)

Opening ceremony with VIP guests from Ministry of building, deputies, UBA, the Committee on Land Resources

10.30-11.00 Cottage town of Ukraine (ready being built, projects)
Speaker-Director of the RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko

Development and design of suburban real estate. Development of optimal and sustainable concepts cottage villages. Speaker investment adviser, Partner, Dialog Classic Artem Novikov

11.30-12.00 Suburban Property Management and Exploiting. Speaker-from Consulting Group "Intellect"

12.00-15.30 Seminar: “Cottage construction from "A" to "Z"

1. Allotment of land for building a cottage village
2. Scheme of construction financing
3. Contracting schemes in the construction
4. Subordinate, and economic methods of construction
5. Sale of cottages at the stage of registration of land and planning
6. Cottage construction
7. Project Management
8. Operation of a cottage village
Speaker - PhD in law, director of Elite Consulting, Head of Legal Department "Ukrainian financial-consulting group" Elena Sukmanova

15.30-16.00 New telecommunication solutions for cottage construction. Speaker - Technical Director "TriA-net" Bikadorov EA

16.00-18.00 Discussion “Problem questions of development of cottage villages market” with support of^
- Committee on the suburban real estate at ASNU
- Company "Golden Gate"
- Journal “ Suburban Real Estate "
Price of participation -350 grn/person

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