About Sevastopol

The city was founded in 1783.
Geography: The city is situated on the southwestern coast of the Crimean peninsula. 1100 square kilometers, representing 0.143% of Ukraine, of which 864 sq km - land: 12% of which is inhabited, 38% - agricultural area, 50% - forests and mountains, 236 square kilometers - Marine areas, 57 square kilometers - are the two divisions Navy - Ukraine and Russia. Number of districts - 4: Leninsky, Nakhimovskyi, Balaklava and Gagarinskiy. Number of urban areas Submission - 1: Inkerman. Urban-type pump and 29 settlements.
Population: 379.4 thousand persons: 356.5 thousand people live in cities (94%), 22.9 thousand people - in areas of rural councils (6%).
Foreign economic activity.
Investment: Foreign direct investment in the city as of 01.01.2008. amounted to 145.6 million or 115.9 per cent relative indicator of the beginning of year (126.3 million). Since the beginning of 2007 investment income totaled 19.3 million (15.3%). The volume of direct foreign investments per capita amounted to U.S. $ 385.7, which is 16.3 percent more than relation to that at the beginning in 2007 (331.6 U.S. dollars).
Construction: Construction enterprises of all types of property between January and March 2008 completed construction work amounting to 98.7 mln. That 24.4 per cent over the same period last year. As on 01.01.2008.commissioned 100.1 tys.kv.metriv total living space (133 residential buildings), which is 10.2 percent above the previous year. Of the total amount of input housing individual housing totaled 37.9 tys.kv.m that 26.3 per cent above the level last year. Total installed the fixed assets totaling 297.0 mln.

Districts of Sevastopol
On the territory of Sevastopol region are 4 administrative districts: Balaklava, Gagarin, Lenin, Nakhimovsky. Within regions, there are three cities - Sevastopol, Balaklava, Inkerman, one pgt - Kacha, 4 rural council - in Eagle, Ternovka, Verhnesadovom, Andreevka, in which 29 villages.

Districts are managed by regional state administrations, led by their chairmen. Chairmen of district state administrations in the city of Sevastopol, appointed by the President of Ukraine.

Local government in the areas is carried out by district councils of deputies headed by their chairpersons who are elected from among the deputies.

Inkerman City is part of the Balaklava district with the status of the city under district jurisdiction. It is headed by a popularly elected mayor.

By the administrative-territorial units of the Sevastopol City Council are also pgt Kacha, 4 rural Council: Andrew, Verhnesadovsky, Orlinovsky, Ternovskii. Village and village councils headed by a popularly elected heads. In each of them, as well as in Inkerman, elected local councils and their executive committees work.

* Balaklavskiy District
* Gagarin district
* Leninsky district
* Nakhimovsky District

Conditional neighborhoods (not an administrative One unit, but used in colloquial slang):

* Center
* Ostryakova (Wits)
* Fifth km (Fifth)
* Streletskaya (Arrow)
* Pilots (Drifters)
* Kamyshovaya bay (Rushes)
* 5th neighborhood
* Matyushenko (Matyukha)
* Shipboard Party (Korabelka)
* North side (North)
* Radiogorka
* Seaman
* Bartenevka
* Inzhenerka
* Holland (Galoshes)
* Mekenzievy Mountains
* Lyubimovka


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