Zgurovsky district is an area in the east of the Kiev region

Zgurovsky district - the youngest in the field, established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 25 September 1986. The total area 763.1 square kilometers

In the region of 41 village, one village and 20 rural councils. The area is located in the Dnieper lowland. The surface of the flat, cut by four almost parallel to the river valleys Nedra, Supy, Orzhica, Translation. The climate is temperate-continental

Annual rainfall is 560mm. The distribution of precipitation throughout the year in general favorable. Approximately 70 - 72% of annual precipitation falls during the growing season. The depth of soil freezing an average of 40cm. Summer is dominated by the north-west winds, and in winter the south-eastern direction.

The soil cover is characterized by low variety gruntostvoryuyuchih rocks geomorfichnih and hydrological conditions. Feature of this is a large area hydromorphic and hydromorphic soils, largely saline. Mostly group chernozem and meadow-chernozem soils (85.4%). Black soil humus content is divided into humus (3.2%) with loamy texture and 4,5% - loamy and slabogumusni.

Chernozems humus cover an area of 29,482.0 hectares of arable land (57,3%), slabogumusni - 11,436.0 ha (22,2%). Chernozems slabogumusni occupy the largest area of arable land in the territory Voykivskoi (75.4%), Usivskoi (95.4%), Velikokrupilskoi (53.6%), rural councils. Meadow-chernozem soils occupy the largest areas in the territory Seredivskoi (45.1%) and Artkadiivskoi (27,5%), rural councils.

Almost all of them saline (92.5%), but the degree of salinity is weak. With hydromorphic (meadow) soil covers an area of 4,560.0 hectares (7,6%) of agricultural land, of which 5,3% of arable land. The largest area in the Seredivskoi and Arkadievsky rad.Zemelny fund rural area as of January 1, 2002 is 76308ga, of which 63,543.7 ha or 83.3% is agricultural land (with the Ukrainian average 69,6%).

In the structure of arable agricultural land is 87.4%, perennial plantations - 2.3%, hayfields - 2.5%, pastures - 7,8%. Area of forest and tree and shrub nasvadzhen of 2,001.0 hectares, including 715.9 ha of shelter belts. The total forested area with all the protective forest plantations is 2,6%. Under the built-up lands occupied by 2570.6 ha (3,4%), bogs - 5151.3 ha (6,7%), other lands - 108,2 ha (0, 2%).

Underwater busy 1,086.4 hectares (1,47%). The main land users in the region are agricultural enterprises in the use of which is 42,777.5 hectares or 56,0% of the total area, including agricultural societies - 93,4%, agricultural cooperatives - 0,2%, other non-agricultural enterprises -- 5, 7%, state agricultural enterprises - 0,5%.

Owned and used by citizens is 18,810.6 hectares, including those provided for the conduct of a peasant (farmer's) economy - 4558.0 ha and agriculture - 4010.3 ha, personal subsidiary farming, construction and maintenance of residential houses, business buildings 8282.7 ha.

Businesses, organizations, institutions, industry, transport, звўязку, defense, and others were 824.6 ga.Zemli public property that are not available for ownership or use, occupy 12,257.2 hectares, including public lands - 3416.2 ha. In addition, there were 3245.2 hectares of land reserve, the reserve fund settlements and general use, which loaned land users and land owners.

Article 33 of the Land Code of Ukraine to the most valuable productive land classified (for soil area):

* Dark gray ashed glei loamy soil and chernozem podzolized glei loam (glei);
* Meadow-Chernozem loam soils.

The total area of valuable productive land area of 1,906.0 hectares (3% of the total area of agricultural land), the land most productive and are subject to strict protection, their use should be exclusively agricultural.

But along with that, because of various natural and anthropogenic factors, mainly, in a large area in the district and especially on agricultural lands, has worsened the quality of the soil pokrivu.U regional center is one of the most famous памўяток gardening area -- Park, founded in the XIX stolitti.


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