Yagotinsky district - a district in the east of the Kiev region

Earth Yagotynsky area stretched to the extreme east of Kiev region, where the borders of four converging areas. Area is bordered on the north-east Priluki region Chernigov region in the east - and Pyryatynsky Grebenkovsky Poltava region, south-east - with Drabovsky Cherkasy region, in the west - Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Baryshevsky area in the north - Zgurovsky Raion . The territory of the compact, several stretches from north to south along the river Supy. The area is located 100 km from the city of Kiev on the left bank of the Dnieper, on both sides of the railroad and highway Kiev-Kharkiv.

District population is 36 thousand 256 people. Yagotynsky district covers an area of 793.25 hectares.

The exact date of foundation g.Yagotin - Center Yagotynsky area - we do not know, why focus on the first mention of the area in 1552

The earliest period in the history Yagotinschiny goes into the distant past - Paleolithic stone. Another 10-12 thousand years ago in the district lived primitive people - Cro-Magnons (near the museum of archeology "Dobranichevskie parking"). There is also information about your stay here in the era of human copper-bronze and Kievan Rus. For example, the earliest mention of the river Supy, the main waterway of the district, is the "Instruction of Vladimir Monomakh his sons," which dates from the year 1085. Coast Soupault near Yahotyn were inhabited by 1240 is the invasion of Mongol-Tatars. However, the first written mention of Yagotin applies only to 1552, and the first information about the owners Yahotyn - before the XVII century. In 1637 a wagon Jacob Ostryanina mentioned Yagotynsky county. This means that Yagotin was then the administrative center. The city also was the center of Cossack hundred (1723), Cossacks who took an active part in the liberation war in 1648-1654.

One of the first landowners Yahotyn was Vasily Ghana - grandson Seeds Paly, who in 1757 bought land Kirill Razumovsky. In some sources there is evidence that Yagotin Rasumovski gave the Empress Elizabeth.

After the abolition hetmanship KG Razumovsky moved to Yagotin, where in 1765 he built the dam, through which the lake was formed Supy. In 1800 Razumovsky built in a unique Yagotin Trinity Church, destroyed in 1936. Now the church is included among the monuments of history and culture of Ukraine.

After the death of Hetman Yagotin among other estates went to his son, Alexei Яготинський районRazumovsky - known diplomat, Minister of Education of Russia. He laid there a grand park, located along the shores of picturesque Lake Supy and occupied an area of 150 hectares. The park contains a two-storey stone palace, which was established in the last third of the 18 century. Construction of the palace was started with KG Razumovsky, and completed at the time of Alexei Razumovsky. The plan of the palace looked like an elongated rectangle with performances in the lake Supy, in the form of the central napivrotondy and relalitiv in the wings. Palace destroyed in the 19. Before this time, preserved only resolution left the building. After repairs in 1984, it opened an art gallery.

In 1820, DC Razumovsky gave Yagotynsky estate daughter Barbara, who married Prince MG Repnin-Volkonskogo. Due to the prince visited Yagotin OV Kapnist VP Lukaszewicz, EG Comb, W. Sternberg, TG Shevchenko, MV Gogol, MA Markevich, and many other famous people.

Of particular importance is staying in Yagotin TG Shevchenko. First time he came here in 1843 to paint two copies of the portrait, MG Repnin. Here he painted a self-portrait, wrote a poem called "Funeral Feast", which is devoted daughter MG Repnin Varvara. Shevchenko was in Yagotin and in 1844, 1845 and 1859. By Yagotynsky days are his "archaeological record ...", sepia drawing Shevchenko draws peasant household" and the novel "Twins".

And in a local school in 1972 at the initiative and efforts of A. nonempty, founder of the museum at Yagotinschini, a monument was erected to the young Shevchenko (sculptor I. Gonchar, architect J. sausage). That is the 29-year old saw his Yagotin in 1843 during his first visit to the city.

In the picture gallery installed sculpture NVGogol (sculptor A. Kovalev.

At Yagotinschini born writers I. Kira, D. Gordienko, literary S. Kozub.

At Yagotinschini born and created an outstanding folk artist of Ukraine KV Belokur (1900-1961), whose name is known far beyond Ukraine. Now Bogdanovka, the home of the artist, the museum-estate, and the artist's paintings are exhibited in Yagotynsky art gallery.

Yagotintsi courageously fought against the invaders on the fronts and in partisan detachments. Yagotinschina famous for two Double Heroes of the Soviet Union: AG Kravchenko (pp. Sulimovka), Major MZ Bondarenko (pp. Bogdanovka), Heroes of the Soviet Union: VI Kravchenko IV Borschik (p. Godunovka), AI Girich (Yagotyn), II Prisoner (p. Raykovschina), VF Kaydash, GE Litvinenko, OP Matikovim. Glorify our region and the Holders of the Order of Glory: Duboshy MN, Khodusov VI, Gelevera ED, Kozlov, from the underground with. Painted at the head of the school principal, MI Yatsenko, partisan Fenia Motylev (teacher), partisans "Victory or Death" led by Osechkin SY).

Front-line road led our men to the lair of the fascist Germany - in Berlin. And at the Victory Parade on May 9, 1945 in Moscow, in the ranks of the winners walked twice Hero of the Soviet Union AG Kravchenko, Hero of the Soviet Union VF Kaydash, warriors countrymen SD Heron, SG Bat cancer, Dr. . VP Yasmo, P. Tolstoy, KP Knish.

Now in our area - 4230 participants of the war. Among them - 343 involved in the fighting, 251 disabled war veteran.

In 1943-1944 on the territory Yahotyn resumed 9 farms (and until 1950 they had already become 24), 1 farm. Livestock farms were created, MTS. Children sat at desks.

In 1960 he founded Yagotynsky poultry farm, which gave the district millions Arr Weave. The scientific potential of the area in 1963 represented Panfilska Experiment Station cropping, drained nya, breeding and seed production.

The center of musical culture in the city and the region is Yagotynsky Music School (1958), which held its first reorganization in 1981, after which opened new departments: music, dance, fine. The second reorganization of the school from bulas in 1990. On the basis of the former branch of the school "the sugar" was created independent m physical school. Half of the teaching staff began to work in this school. Over the years, isnu Niya arts school is often rewarded game motamy regional management of culture and Minis nomic culture for success in the educational process.

Yagotynsky land is rich in creative people that their lives and creative work multiply UT spiritual potential of our city and region. Among them, E. Tovstukha, physician phytotherapeutist, academician of the Ukrainian International Academy of original ideas, a researcher praosnov people of Noah medicine. IG Burdak - lumberman, Doctor of Economic Sciences, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, chairman of department of Economics and Manage Nia Academy, professor, laureate of ONE, marked the International award - the gold medal of the Plato for outstanding achievement in the progress of society, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Noah Church - Orders Ilya of Murom, Agapit Caves.

On the pages of the regional newspaper "Yagotynsky conduct" is often printed poems, and many other artists and in particular, a member of the Writers' Union of workers of Ukraine Ivan Strichana, Love Galalyuk, Svetlana Zaliznyak, a member of the Union of writers in Poltava - Antonina Zaika, Claudia Grushko, Lesi Parkhomenko.

Pride and glory Yagotynsky edge of the glass give the names of famous artists from outside the area of amateur painting: it is - L. Kulakov, SV Sazanskih, G. F. Jaworski, GL and AG Mundt Mundt, L. D. Prinko and VM Prinko, S. Gorb, J. Kulik, VM Musienko, IA Timchenko, ES Tovstukha, VY Liskova. Yagotintsi remembers and honors the sacred memory of amateur artists IA Gopkalo, MP Malinka, who during his lifetime created hundreds of paintings that now adorn the halls of the museum each institution Yagotinschiny.

It is well known in Yagotin seamstress L. Kucera va, NG Korkach, GV Shevchenko, LV Monastery kaya, LM thought, LM Kozlova, NM Gridasova and many other masters of arts and crafts.

Brightest star in the sky wit sports world football is our compatriot Andriy Shevchenko, who was awarded the title of "Honorary thunder dyanin area. Forward Ukraine national team is known and loved worldwide for the hard work and trace rlivist in achieving the goal. A mobilizing and stimulating effect of this figure has affected the odds ming current players edge.

Industry in the area mainly food: sugar mill, a creamery, bakery, plant food, logistics center confectionery corporation Roshen "Cannery DP" Old Fortress ". At Yagotinschini operates a clinic, the central regional hospital, 3 district hospitals. In the region of 21 general education, medical and vocational-technical school, Yagotynsky Branch AIDP, the district House of Culture, Yagotynsky State Historical Museum, Central Library System




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