Tetievsky district is an area in the south-west of the Kiev region

Tetiivschina - a picturesque and ancient history of the earth, a real jewel of the Kiev region. From the scientific and historical research sources Tetiev known since 1185, but by the settlement called Timoshneyu. But when Prince Polovtsian Tugorhana gave his daughter to marry the Grand Duke of Kiev Svyatopolk (XI-XII century) and the descendants of Tugorhana have inherited the earth Timoshni, then for the name of the Polovtsian prince Tefida, the town became known as Tetiev. True, the first memories of Tetiev in written records date back to 1514 year. However, archaeologists have added to it a few thousand (!) Years - Tetiivschini in the ruined mounds dug things period bronzes, but he started 2 thousand years BC

During the Mongol invasion in 1240 the city was completely destroyed, but gradually revived as a fantastic bird Phoenix. Tetiev mentioned in documents of 1514, when he was under the authority of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After the Union of Lublin in 1569 these lands captured noble Poland. In 1606 the city received Magdeburg Law. Tetiivchany actively participated in the liberation war of 1648-54 period, as well as in Koliivschiny. Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky during a campaign stop in Volhynia in Tetiev and spoke to the local population Hall. The Polish king Stanislaw August in 1787 stopped at the local magistrates Cherniakhovsky, leaving the Kaneva in Poland. After the second partition of Poland in 1793 as part of the Right-Bank Ukraine Tetiev moved to Russia.

Hard tests yielded tetiivchanam and the twentieth century. Tetiiv land heavily experienced Famine of 1932-33, when 27% of the population died, and the city Tetiev this figure reached 37 per cent. Subsequently, the Great Patriotic War burned the land, killing 3400 soldiers, giving Tetiivschini 4 Heroes of the Soviet Union: Cooper AP (p. Koshev) Slipanchuka KP (p. Nenadyha), Steppe AI (p. Kashperovka), Sikorsky SH (p. P `yatigory).

Tetiiv district was founded in 1932.
Тетіївський район
Today Tetiivschina - agricultural district, where the main areas identified production of cereal crops, sugar beet crop and meat and dairy livestock.

In the process of reforming the agrarian sector was set up 36 agricultural enterprises of all forms of property, 40 farms. Excellent hosted by following the high culture of agriculture, CHSP "Sloboda", which presides PO Marisik, Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine, the SPC "P` yatigory "- Chairman of the Board NI Motuz in PE" Michael Lan - Chairman of the Board AK Shumkov. A special place in this cohort belongs to one of the best farms in the metropolitan area - the State enterprise research farm "Shevchenko", where the hosts OV Balagura, Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine, candidate of agricultural sciences, continued the family farming tradition. These and other area farms grow high yields of grain and leguminous crops, sugar beet, we achieve high milk yields and increased production of meat.

In recent years, Tetiivschini activates the revival of church temples - our Christian primordial. Now in the area are 25 churches of the UOC and UOC-KP, a Polish chapel, there are about 15 religious communities of other faiths.

At all times the greatest treasure of the state were its people. Tetiivschina proud of Hero of Socialist Labor G. Golembovskim, SY Marchenko, and MM Ryzhuk, Knight of the Order of Labor Glory of three degrees VG Click. This land has raised the famous Ukrainian poet and statesman, Ivan Drach, Deep Kiriliuk and M. Kravchuk, V. Zhurakovsky, V. Gerasimchuk, artist VS Rogol, a master of fine arts, the author of more than 300 paintings and graphic works of S. Yaremich, folk Ukrainian actress Lydia Maciejewski-Morinets. Life goes on. And a lot of talented people will give birth to this blessed land.

Date: March 7, 1923

Area: 0.76 sq. km - 2,7%, from the region

Distances: from m.Tetieva in Kiev highway -160 km

Geography: South-western part of the Kiev region, bordering the Vinnitsa and Cherkassy regions. The region is situated within the plateau of the right bank of Ukraine and occupies a very high places - the spurs of the Dnieper Upland, which mark on the sea level is 250-280 meters and the highest point is located near the village of High, where the watershed. The district (city) pass 4 rivers, stretching over 230 km. The biggest: Roska, the length of 25 km.

Population: 33 219 people, in particular in the city - 13 390 people
in rural area - 15 829 people.
Men - 15 304;
Women - 17 919.

A quarter of the population - children, one third - are pensioners. 97 percent - Ukrainian, but there are still residents of more than twenty nationalities.

Boundaries: bordered by Volodarsky region - north, Stavysche district - to the east, Zhashkiv region, Cherkasy region - the south, and Pogrebishensky Oratovsky region Vinnytsia region - in the west.

Roads: Tetiev-Kiev, Tetiev-Orativ-Vinnitsa, two railway stations (city Tetiev, s.Denihivka).




Cottage villages in the Tetievsky district

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