Stavishchensky district - district in the south-west of the Kiev region

Stavysche district - one of the southern district of Kyiv region with its administrative center in the urban village Stavishche. The district is crossed by roads: state values Kiev - Odessa, regional importance - in the direction Tetiev, Lady, staring.

The district accounted for 34 archaeological monuments, including:

19 settlements period II - I millennium BC - VII centuries. BC; day Middle Bronze Age, Scythian time, day chernyakhivska and Penkovsk? cultures, 2 burial mounds in the villages of Acute and grave Popruzhnaya

(III millennium BC, BC - I millennium AD), 13 mound groups (III millennium BC - I millennium AD).

Stavischenschina has a long history. This is evidenced by finds of tools of the Neolithic period (VI-IV centuries BC), and numerous mounds, mound groups talk about the culture and livelihoods in the old Russian times.

At the time of Kievan Rus, together with the Slavs lived here Turkic tribes, Berendeys, black hoods, guarding the southern borders of the Kievan state.

In the annals of the ninth to thirteenth centuries. referred to the ancient settlement area, in whose territory the modern village Torchitsya, Vinarovka, Strizhavka.

At the beginning of the XVI century. on land belonging to the Polish King Sigismund I (1507-1548), there was a city Lubomir. With letters of the Polish king known that the city was sacked by the Crimean Tatars (possibly Mengli - Girey in 1482r), and remained uninhabited for a long time. Over time, the city began to settle, and since then it has received a modern name.
Ставищенський район
Stavishche located on the river Rotten Tikich, at its source. The city has long been famous for its large amounts of water, because a large number of ponds or Stavishche, which at 20 layers was 100 and was named Stavishche. In Ukraine "became", "Staviski", "Stavishche" means not only small zagachuvani lake, but also the place where they previously were.

The first written mention of the existence of the village dates from the beginning Stavishche X \ / II in. In 1635 Stavishche was already mentioned as a settlement, which was fortified and the garrison.

Time of the Cossacks had a great influence on the life of the Kiev region. The first Cossack speech in Ukraine against Polish domination did not pass over our land. Revolt Kryshtofa Kosinski 1595, Severin Nalyvayko 1594 and 1596 years, which lifted the spirit of the liberation of the people and later turned into a Cossack and peasant liberation war of 1648-1657 years under the leadership of Bogdan Khmelnitsky against Polish oppression. Center for these events have become the modern city of Kiev region, among them, and hundreds of town Stavishche, who has visited himself Bogdan Khmelnitsky, gathering an army here and carts .. According to popular legend, in with. Dry Yar visited Ivan Gaunt, as well, dug it, exists today and is called the living room.

The separation in 1659 into two parts - the left bank (loyal to Moscow) and the right bank where there were propolskie mood) - even more aggravated the life of the Ukrainian, which caused the uprising Seeds Paly 1702-1704 period and the uprising in 1768 known as "Koliivschina under the direction of Maxim Zheleznyaka Ivan Gonta and Jacob Seamstresses.

In 1750, the area operated detachment haydamak leader M. Tesla. Polish Sejm in 1774 passed Stavishche in the Crown Dependencies hetman K. Branitsky. After the reunification of the Right-Bank Ukraine from the Left Bank of Russia Stavysche edge entered Tarascha County Kiev province. Land shortage has led to peasant uprisings, the specific scope acquired during the Crimean War, during the Kiev Cossacks 1855.

In hard and terrible ratyah century after century, lived in our region - vikodavnya Kyiv land. Left their mark on this earth and recent history. Hard and sacrifice to her and dropped out of the twentieth century. There is still active peasant uprisings against tyranny Branicki in the first decade of the twentieth century, the massive mobilization of the First World War 1914-1916 years, the turbulent events of the Civil War, when for the period 1918-1920, power has changed four times, the shares of defiance against the tyranny of the landlords and the Russian tsarism in general.

During the Administrative divisions of reform in 1923 March 7 was formed Stavysche area.

Since the time the countdown began his life and work. Many tests fell to his lot.

Adversely affected the economic situation of the inhabitants stavischenschiny mass collectivization of 1927-1932 years and Artificial Famine 1932 -33 years, which claimed the lives of almost 20% of the area. Extensive damage inflicted area cannibalization and repression 1937-1938 years, which resulted in hundreds of residents were expropriated and repression.

The tragedy for the people Stavysche land became the Great Patriotic War. More than 5 thousand people Stavischenschiny from the first days of the war went to the front, 3939 people had not returned from the war. During the war years in the district acted in a partisan detachment them. Chkalov. Stavischenschina raised 4 Heroes of the Soviet Union, which have been awarded this high rank for participation in the Great Patriotic War: Alexander Stepanovich Palan, Galina Dzhunkivsku, Alexei Gordeevich Fesenko, Yuri Holovaty. For a long time after the Great Patriotic War with. Luxury living Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Nikiforovich Zavgorodniy.

In January 1944, in the district (in sec. Arbor) was formed 6 Panzer Army, which soon received the title of "Guards". Commander of the Army, was appointed lieutenant-general, Hero of the Soviet Union Andrei G. Kravchenko, whose name is one of the streets of our district center.

During the fascist "housekeeping" in the area were destroyed or exported to Germany, 100 tractors, 90 cars, 72 combines and other agricultural machinery 6 thousand units of various livestock 38 thousand heads of 41 thousand units of various poultry, grains and products More than 15 thousand tons. Destroyed fruit trees in the area of 544 hectares. The total damage to the area amounted to 683 million rubles. According to the Kyiv Regional State Archives during the occupation of STAVYSHCHENSKE district were taken to forced labor in Germany in 2449 people killed 224 people.

Ruined economy rebuilt postwar generation.

From the first days of liberation Stavysche inhabitants of the earth with great enthusiasm, set about restoring the economy and helped the Red Army. In 1944, workers, civil servants and peasants of the district listed on the needs of the army of 2 million 662 thousand rubles, a similar transfer was in 1945.

On the eve of 1945, before the first anniversary of the liberation from Nazi invaders Stavischansky area youth-doprizivniky 1926-1927 birth took place at a military universal education military enlistment office. Young decided to gather among doprizivnikiv funds to build a personal aircraft. Collected was 39,927 rubles. This aircraft was built at one of the aircraft factory and handed over to troops of the First Ukrainian Front liberated Stavysche edge.

In 1944 he began to produce products dairy, promarteli "New Life", a number of shops Food Works. Much work was carried out to restore and establish the work of MTS, which has trained 97 tractor.

The first post-war crop was harvested in a timely manner and without loss, although most of the work had to be done manually. The workers in a short period of time rose from the ruins and returned to work all the collective area. They, in 1947 there were 54.

Earned educational system, cultural industry and medicine region. In 1948, 1,643 boys and girls were seven years of education, of whom 428 continued their studies in colleges and universities. It was opened night schools for working youth. At Stavischenschini open the library, some villages became stationary kinoustanovki.

March 13, 1954, left the first group of young people in the development of new lands.

In the 60's of the district eliminated, but again revived.

Roller prospects opened up the area in connection with the transformation of the economic system ..

The district operates 5 industrial enterprises (including 4 open joint stock companies and one private enterprise), with an annual production volume of about 4 million griven.Osnovni types of products produced by enterprises of the region - butter, casein, whole milk products, beverages, oil, cereals, flour, and brick, ceramic, components devices.

Agricultural production over 11 large commercial agricultural enterprises, 8 - little cash, 87 peasant farms and 333 individual farmers and 12.5 thousand household farms.

The main activity of agricultural enterprises - is growing grain and industrial crops, including sugar beet and potatoes, vegetables, forage crops, livestock classes, gardening and other activities. The results of the APC region annually among the top ten, and for some types of production - in the top five among the best districts in the area. That and this, in 2008 farmers have made significant indicators. If last year through a super complex natural conditions, drought, was not completely healthy, then this year's bumper harvests of early harvested crops. Thus, the gross grain harvest twice last year and more than 120 thousand tons. The average yield of early crops is more than 50 kg / ha and the yield of winter wheat in some farms in certain fields is more than 100 kg / ha.

In the region there are 109 small enterprises, the number of employees in which 636 people. From year to year, changing the direction of development of small businesses, expands the list of activities of economic entities of small and medium businesses, particularly in the areas of agriculture, transport and communications. As of January 1, 2008 registered 323subektiv business entities and 957 individuals. Since early 2008 there were 14 businesses and 206 individuals.

Transportation has one specialized motor company and 23 subjects of entrepreneurial activity without establishing a legal entity. Number of farms in the area - 12407, the number of apartments with condominiums -895. Housing stock in the district is 833 thousand m ?. Average provision of housing per capita area is 33 square. m

The level of gasification in the district average of 70%. Of the 30 settlements they brought natural gas to 24 in which: at 11 gasification is completed, the 12 gasification rate ranging from 55% to 90% in the village Stavishche gasification rate - 98%. Of the six not gasified 5 sparsely populated settlements (with populations of up to 100 people).

Gas supply in the area involved STAVYSHCHENSKE branch operation of gas facilities of OAO Kievoblgaz. Its service is 441.3 miles of underground gas distribution pipelines, courtyard entry - 218 km. The district is the main gas pipeline pressure of 72 kg of force per cm ?, there are 2 large gas-distributing station.

In the district has 22 rural and one village council, which brings together 30 settlements with the district center in the urban settlement Stavishche, located at 126 kilometers from Kiev.

Socio - cultural sphere area - means 23 elementary schools (3459 students), 23 houses of culture and clubs, 26 libraries, children's arts school, folk museum. The health - is the central regional hospital (170 beds) in the village Stavishche, two district hospitals, tubotdeleniya, two medical dispensaries, 19 obstetric and 2 paramedic item.

The population of the district has 25, 237 thousand people: one - 11, 178 men and 14 thousand, 059 thousand women. 7,199 thousand live in the village; 18.038 thousand - in rural areas. Ethnic composition: Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Gypsies, Armenians, Buryat, Moldovans, Kazakhs, Tatars, Uzbeks, and Chuvash. Labor resources are 11.53 thousand workers. In the area of residence 9.472 thousand pensioners and 5,0 thousand children. Employment in the area covered by 6,5 thousand people ..

In hydrological reserves and parks, which are in the area, trees and plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. The terrain is mostly flat, mostly black earth soil and chestnut. The mineral resources in the region has reserves of sand, peat, clay, suitable for the production of ceramic bricks and the use of pottery. In the village Torchitsya is a source of mineral table water.

The close location of settlements to the area Kiev-Odessa highway makes it possible to develop a network of hotel and camping sector. The area is attractive for the development of green and rural tourism, sightseeing the historical - cultural sites.

The area has brought many prominent people who are its glory and pride. Among them, Anatoly Maximovich Zlenko, a career diplomat, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Born c. Stavishche Kiev Region. His whole life was devoted to the diplomatic work. Working at high positions of responsibility, has done a lot for the development and strengthening of the independent Ukrainian state in the early years of its formation,
Melnik Nikolay, pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Born in 1954 in the urban village. Stavishche Kyiv region. Liquidators of the Chernobyl accident in 1986. During the dedication, courage and heroism in the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Melnik Nikolay Nikolaevich was awarded the highest award, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Miller spent the operation "Eagle" - 18-meter steel tube, packed with various equipment needed to put a reactor in the heart. And he did it.

The area is located in the south-western part of the Kiev area within the right-bank Dnieper upland forest-steppe of Ukraine. It is bordered on the south by Zhashkiv region, Cherkasy region, in the west - with Tetiiv, Volodarsky, in the north - with Belotserkovskim and south-east - with Tarashchansky Raion. From north to south, the district is crossed by small rivers Torch and cockroaches, from west to east - Rotten Tikich.

Despite all the troubles that have been in past years in the retained objects of social sphere. Safely operate institutions of education, medicine, culture.

This year (2008) district celebrated its 85 th anniversary.

District population is 25, 237 thousand people:

- Men -11, 178 tissue. pers.

- Women - 14, 059 thousand people.


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