Slavutich - the city of regional subordination in the Kiev region

Slavutich placed on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Chernigov region, in close proximity to the railroad station Nerafa Yanov-Chernigov, on which the main delivery personnel at nuclear power plants. The city is located 50 km east of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and 20 kilometers from the border zone of alienation. Car connection with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is carried out on the newly built road Slavutich-Chernobyl. The developed network of roads allows you to connect Slavutich with Kiev, Chernihiv, Gomel and other cities and towns of the CIS. It is particularly convenient Slavutych located on the city of Chernihiv (journey time commuter train 50 minutes), which allows slavutchanam use the infrastructure of the regional center. The railway station and airport Chernigov provide residents Slavutych stable relationship with the cities of Ukraine and CIS.
Despite the fact that Slavutych is located in the Chernigov region, it is administratively subordinated to the Kiev region. Under the jurisdiction of Slavutych City Council of People's Deputies covered the following areas: urban areas, including industrial and municipal area, the village "Forest", a river port "anchor" of the road.
The master plan Slavutych underwent various changes, but in the main kept the original idea of the planning - the foundation of the city is a developed area of the city center and the adjacent town planning in the form of semirings residential complexes (HSC).
The construction of each complex was instructed one of the union republics of the former USSR. Each HSC is a complete element of urban infrastructure and performed in accordance with the traditions, materials and construction experience, available to the artist. That's why every quarter in the city has its own peculiarity, is coloring its builders: home of the pink tuff Armenia can not be confused with a light-yellow in the color of the dunes or houses in Tallinn quarter with strong towers in Tbilisi.
In each town-planning complex has a public shopping center, which includes sports and recreational center (FLC), shops, kindergartens.
The architectural integrity of the building Slavutych achieved a stylistic nature of residential and public buildings, facilities children's education, culture, physical culture and sports, as well as landscaped areas for daily recreation.

City infrastructure

Slavutych - the youngest city in Ukraine, in 2003 the mind turns only 15 years old. Area construction of Slavutych is 7,5 km2.
Population - about 26 thousand people. Here live people 45 nationalities. The average age of residents - 30 years. The number of working personnel - about 14 thousand people.
The city is really young, after about 9 thousand slavutchan - children under 16 years old, and one-third of the population. In the city are 8 kindergartens and 4 secondary schools, educational-production complex, high school and training center for higher education. In addition, a children's School of Art and the Palace of children's creativity.
In the social-business center, around the central square, shops, City Hall, local television studio, business communication (post, telegraph), banks.
The city has all conditions for physical training and sports. Are 6 sports complexes, 2-wide and more than 10 (vidomchih) pools, built a big city stadium (7750 m2, 620 seats for spectators).
Within the health clinic in the city built for children and adults up to 700 visits per shift, and on the border of the city and the forest park is located hospital complex, which occupies more than 10 hectares and includes a maternity hospital, a hospital with 300 beds and other necessary treatment facilities.
Foreseen and the necessary infrastructure to support urban development (water supply, sewerage, heating and water supply, electricity, etc.), as well as a bakery and a large trade-warehouse base, located in a suburban area.
It is extremely important organizational step for the further development was the assigning of Slavutich city status of special economic zone (SEZ). FEZ Slavutich created by Presidential Decree of 18 June 1998. June 3, 1999 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine "On special economic zone" Slavutich. The main purpose of SEZ Slavutich - to create new jobs (pratsevlashtuvannya) employment of personnel of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which is released in connection with the early breeding units of service.

New buildings and residential complexes in Slavutych

Cottage towns in Slavutich

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