Skvirsky district is an area in the southwest of the Kiev region

The term "Skvirschina" at different times carried different loads due to changes in the territorial-administrative structure of Ukraine and the historical fate of the city itself Skvira, which is undergoing a time of rapid development and times of great destruction and decay. For the first time a city with the district is allocated a separate urban district (inheritance) in the old Russian times, as the outpost in the far south-western outskirts of Kiev.

The first record of the encounter in Skvira of Prince Vladimir Olgredovicha of 1390. From that date, and leads through the city.

In the last quarter of the XIV century. in the southern counties of the Kiev principality formed a new administrative-territorial units - counties, uniting several parishes. Their appearance is due to the need to centralize management for more effective resistance to the systematic Tatar attacks. Skvira becomes the center of a large district, which includes Trilesy, FAST, and several other counties. However, after repeated Tatar devastation of the city in the XIV-XVI centuries. it loses its administrative functions to be transferred to other centers.

During the liberation war of Ukrainian people 1648-1654rr. and up to 1677r. Skvira - centesimal town Belotserkovsky, and subsequently Pavolotskogo Regiment. From 80-ies the XVII century. until 1795 Skvira common treasury town. V1875r. renamed the county town Bratslav province. Since 1876. city - the center of the county Kiev province. Skvirschina (Skvirsky county, which existed until 1923) at this time included not only the territory of present Skvirsky area, but a number of settlements Volodarskogo Belotserkovsky, Fastiv Raion, Pogrebishensky region Vinnytsia region, and Popelnyanskogo Ruzhinskaya areas of Zhitomir region. In 1923 he founded Skvirsky district, who was composed Belotserkovsky district, and since 1930 in a separate area.

In 1959 it was annexed to the part of settlements Velikopolovetskom area. Сквирський район

History Skvirschini inextricably linked with the history of the Ukrainian people. Many significant events took place on its soil. With Skvirschine closely connected life and work of many prominent figures of science and culture of Ukraine. It began its work and creative way young MT Rylsky - in the future well-known Ukrainian Soviet poet, translator and public figure, academician of USSR. With the genuine warmth of the poet remembered this city many years:

Bow to you zelenokudra Skvira,

Gray-haired poet promise.

At Skvirschine was born, spent his childhood and teenage years Nikolay Zarudny - famous Ukrainian writer and playwright. Here lived a long creative life folk breeder, USSR State Prize Laureate I. Ya Muhammad, known sculptor KV Didenko.


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