Rzhyschiv - the city of regional subordination in the Kiev region

Rzhyshchiv - a city located on the right bank of the Dnieper in 76 kilometers from Kyiv and 25 km of the city Kagarlyk. The city is in a deep valley and around the mountains. Through the town flows a tributary of the Dnieper - River Leglich, originating somewhere outside Halcha. Geological characteristics as follows: granites occur at great depth, and bedrock is fine sand, which reaches the surface near the Dnieper. Sandstone cover chervonobura clay, and it, in turn, fresh loam and loess deposits. Minerals little - marls and spondee clay, a raw material for making bricks, pottery and tile clay, limestone and sand, that is an excellent building material. Soils are gray and dark gray podzolic, easily destroyed by water. Soil erosion is a complex problem Rzhischivschiny. Solve it intended Gidrolisomeliorativna station, assigns it and ground water and creates a tree planting, which inhibits erosion. In addition to artificial forests are forests - Kruglik Ripnitsya, Yancha. In general forests and shrubs are placed in the gullies and ravines. The main tree species: pine, oak, aspen, alder, willow and many bushes. In the animal world there are small animals: fox, Zaitz, mole, weasel, ground squirrel. Of the birds: ducks, geese, partridges, storks, flycatchers, crows, magpies, sparrows, starlings and nightingales. In rivers good for fishing, catfish, pike, perch, perch, bream, Podust, ide, roach. The climate is moderate and favorable for the cultivation of such crops: almost all the cereal grains, sugar and fodder beet, vegetables. Especially numerous in the gardens cultivated fruit trees. In the spring Rzhyshchiv recalls a blooming garden. In general, Rzhischevsky cliffs are one of the most picturesque in the Middle Dnieper. However, severe environmental situation and especially the Chernobyl accident leads to climate change in the direction of warming, air pollution, water and land. Catastrophically quickly exhausted natural resources, deteriorating health Rzhishevom. Rzhyshchiv is an industrial and agricultural and trading town. There are more than 60 industrial enterprises, institutions and organizations. The largest of these are: SUPTR, transport and repair company pier "Rzhyshchiv, some sewing, harvesting and fattening item, farm, farm equipment and many other agencies and organizations. Part of the fertile land is used for the treatment of the collective farms in neighboring villages, and gives local authorities to grow vegetables for the local population. Rzhyshchiv has about 30 stores total sales area of 9511 square meters. m, institutions of everyday life and public services. There are also 3 schools, teacher training college, Civil Engineering, Industrial Pedagogical College and High School (on the basis of vocational № 28). Transport connections by means of navigation in the navigation season and with the help of upland transport. Rzhishchev population - 8937 people. The bulk of the population - Ukrainian. Most of the population live in private homes with household plots. A much smaller portion of the population live in apartment buildings or dormitories. Until these days to retain the title of zoning Rzhishchev: Center, Dovgalovka, Obolon, Zavodische, Homa, Goryanschika, Makovschina, Bilikivschina, Monastyrok, Berezovka, Krasny Kut. When and by whom founded Rzhyshchiv unknown. It is also unknown and the origin of the name Rzhyshchiv. There are many legends that bind the origin of the name with the neighing of a horse: "rye-yet. There is also a version of the origin of the names on the cultivation of the ancient tribes of clearings Rye Rozhishe. Pohilevich L. gave a more meaningful explanation Rzhyshchiv "is an ancient Vzhische mentioned in Russian chronicles in the XIII century, this ancient name believe processed in Rzhyshchiv from the Polish word RZHECHA - crowd. Ancient Vzhische translated from Polish means the same auction. Which of these versions are most likely seriously to wonder, because so far not found any document that would prove a more precise time base village and the origin of its name. The first historical mention of the fort - fort Ivan refers to 1151 and recorded in the Hypatian Chronicle. It reflects the struggle Monomakh and Olegoviches for Kiev throne. In 1241 the prototype of the city - fort Ivan - was destroyed by the Mongol horde. 1506 - King Sigismund and restored the Dnipro line of defense Rzhyshchiv town with Magdeburg rights granted to him. In December 1653, Rzhishchev held preliminary meeting of the Board of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky with the Moscow embassy, headed by Count Buturlin. By the mid-nineteenth century. Rzhischevsky wharf occupied one of the leading places of the Dnieper basin as a large transshipment trade base. In the early twentieth century. act: Zemstvo school, popular school, middle school Leszczynski. Since 1921 Open pedkursy, and from 1929 - Rzhischevsky zootehnikum. The first mention of the Transfiguration Monastery belongs to the XI century. In 1506, formed Rzhischevsky district, in 1962, given the status of urban settlement, June 6, 1995 Rzhyshchiv assigned the status of the city of regional subordination. The city was awarded the Honorary Gramotlyu Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. City area - 35,6 sq. Water resources - Dnieper River, city Legchich. The city is situated on the territory Kagarlitsky district, Kyiv region. m.Rzhischiv - is home to muralist Ivan Valentine Zadorozhnogo, classic modern Ukrainian poetic words of Lina Kostenko, military figures Rear Admiral MP Petrenko, and DA Rudkovskaya and other outstanding artistic, social, scientific figures.



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