Rakitnyansky district is a region in the south of the Kiev region

Rokytne district is located in the southern part of the Kiev region, 120 kilometers from Kiev, and lies within the Dnieper Upland. It borders Belotserkovskim, Tarashchansky, Mironovsky, Boguslavsky and Kaharlyk district of Kyiv region.

The district's area is 661.5 square. km.

A district is South-Western Railway with stations: smt Pokitne, s.Bushevo, pp. Olszanica, pp. Rye Mountain, pp. Biryukov.

Distance from smt Pokitne to Kiev: railway - 131km; highway - 120 km

The climate of the region is temperate continental, mild and rather humid with a warm long summers and mild, often volatile in the winter, with little snow and frequent thaws.

Average temperature in July is 17 degrees, January - 7 degrees. The warmest months of July and August, coldest months - January, February.

The average annual rainfall 545 mm. Winds prevailing southwesterly direction.

The surface of the plateau-like area, sloping undulatory, dissected by river valleys, dense network of ravines and gullies. Major rivers: Ros, its tributaries and Gorohuvatku Rokita (Dnieper basin).

Distributed typical chernozems malogumusovani (75% of the area) and black soil ashed and dark-gray ashed soil.

Forests occupy 14.1 thousand hectares. Major tree species: pine, oak, ash, maple, hornbeam.

Natural resources (minerals): granite, sand and clay.

Of the total area of agricultural land are 45.98 hectares, arable land 41.594 ha, 2,078.3 ha of hayfields, pastures 1870.1 ha of water surface area of 1,403 ha, 0,825 ha under roads, open marsh land - 0,558 ha Рокитнянський район

PE "Simol" (former JSC "Rokytne Creamery, director Sirenko Mikhail) - one of the profitable enterprises, which in 2008 celebrated its 80 anniversary, is constantly concerned about the competitiveness of products from whole milk. Daily business processes 25-30 tons of milk. More than 15 kinds of products of the prestigious brand "Rokitnyanochka" have their customers not only in Kiev and Moscow region, but also outside it.

PE "Simol" - is the winner of the International Competition "Golden Trade Marks-2004.

Sirenko MM - Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine, also has the Order of Honor of the differences of degree III "Public Recognition", his work was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Address: 09600, smt Pokitne Kiev region, st. Factory, 1,

Tel. 8 (04462) 5-13-04, 5-22-34

OAO Syniavska "(director Olga Litvin) - based on the yield of grain and industrial crops, economy - the leader of the agro-industry, not only the region but also the Kiev region. Founded in 1922. Consumer, with beet-seed-seed direction and development of animal husbandry. Cereals in the structure of sown areas occupy more than 40%. Area of arable land - 4112 ha.

Its application in Sinyavsky "see the introduction of modern production technologies, the use of high-quality machines known manufacturers, testing in the fields of new crops and sugar beet production in which the economy specializes.

Society - the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest "Golden Fortune", was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Winner jumping "Best Employer of the Year"

Address: 09602, smt Pokitne Kiev region, st. Mira, 2,

Tel. 8 (04462) 5-39-89, 2-42-34, fax. 2-43-45

JV "Russia" (Director Burchenko Vasiliy) has a grain-beet line with the development of dairy farming. Land 2481.68 hectares of land. Number of cattle 1500 animals, including 600 cows. From each cow fodder on average receive about 6000 kilograms of milk. Has the status of seed farms, are all integrated environment for the implementation of seed crops of high reproduction. Performs gross output per year on average, more than 18 million UAH. Profitability 24,7%. JV "Russia" - among the leaders on a comprehensive assessment of financial and economic activities.

Burchenko VM - Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine. Winner jumping "Best Employer of the Year"

Address: 09623, pp. Daisies Kiev region

Tel. 8 (04462) 5-11-76, 2-36-76

JV "Horizon" (Director Sokolenko Helena) was established in 2002 and virtually since its inception is one of the leaders in agricultural production in the area. The object of the society is the cultivation and sale of grain and industrial crops in the area of 1200 hectares. 60 tsentnerny harvests of wheat, 500-tsentnerny - sugar beet company receives through the introduction of new technologies to production crops. Also society has bred breeding cattle, sale of young animals, meat and milk.

Since 2005, the JV has the status of breeding plant breeding and cultivation of the Ukrainian Red Pied dairy cattle breeds.

Address: 09641, pp. Lubyanka Kiev area

Tel. 8 (04462) 2-76-18

JV "Niva" (director Peter Sukaylo Ovksentiyovich) - grain-Beetroot economy with a developed animal husbandry. Rentals 2,762 hectares of land. The gross grain production reached 6000 tons with an average yield of 65.4 tons per hectare. The farm operated: slaughter shop, mill, scourer, dairy.

Sukaylo PO - Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine, was awarded the Order of Merit III degree.

Address: 09600, smt Pokitne Kiev region, st. Vokzalna, 109,

Tel. 8 (04462) 5-33-81, 5-23-40




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