Obukhov district is a district in the center of the Kiev region

Obukhov district is located in the central part of Kyiv region on the right bank of the Dnieper. Land area from the north, 30 kilometers from Kiev along the highway Kiev-Donetsk and extends south to the 60-km mark.

Passes through the district highway Kiev-Donetsk railway line Mironovka-Kiev with stations "Tripoli-Dnieper" and "New Bezradichi" is a river pier on the Dnieper River in the Ukrainian city.

The district is 43 localities, of which 2 cities of regional subordination - Obukhov and Ukrainian, one pgt - Kozin.
Most settlements Obuhivschiny located on the shores of the Dnieper and on the picturesque banks of its right-bank tributaries: Skvorivky, Stugna, Red, Bobritsy, Tihany, Rakovka, Kobrin, Kozinka, Deremeznyanky.

On the territory of the Obukhov district lasted all archaeological culture which survived the human civilization in the Ukraine. Among them are world famous Tripolye peasant culture, open and investigated archaeologist V., building a monument which was installed at the Regional Archaeological Museum of Tripoli. Hvojki and his followers studied here also podgortsevskoy, Zarubintsy, chernyakhivska cultural monuments which prove the antiquity of life of our people to their land Dnieper and the fact that in every period the right of this being mined in the struggle.

In the Middle Ages to the present Obuhivschini under different circumstances, have visited all of the hetman of Ukrainian Cossacks: here are reflected in the annals of historical events connected with the names of the Cossack leaders Kryshtofa Kosinski, Severin Nalivaiko Taras shaking Matthew Shaul, Gregory Loboda, James Ostryanitsy, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ivan Vygovsky , Peter Doroshenko, Ivan Mazepa, Seeds Palia, Pilip Orlik, Ivan Skoropadsky.Обуховський 

Center Area - City Obukhov in the twentieth century was an administrative graduation from village to village, from town to town. The city is located in the valley of Kobrin (current Lukavica) 45 kilometers from Kiev, 4 km from the two railway stations "New Bezradichi" and "Tripoli-Dnieper" on the road Kiev-Donetsk. In Obukhov live 32.6 thousand people. Obukhov - Center eponymous district of Kyiv region. The first mention of the capital city area Obukhov Obukhov (formerly Lukavica) dates back to 1362-m year.

In the second half of the XIX century. the family of Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Berdyaev and Princess Kudashov spent his childhood brothers Sergei and Nikolai Berdyaev, who became famous men of his time. Family Berdyaev lived mostly in his Obukhov estate. That is, in 1797 Emperor Paul I gave them to his great-grandfather, Commander in Chief, Governor Nikolai Mikhailovich Berdyaev. Part Obukhov, which belonged to the governor, was named Berdyaivka. It was built castle and palace.

Older brother, Sergei Aleksandrovich Berdyaev (pen name Obuhivets, 1880-1914) - Ukrainian poet and journalist, a liberal direction. By profession - a doctor. He wrote in Ukrainian, Russian, German and Polish languages. Translated into Russian A. Macovei, German - poem Evshan-potion "M. Voronoi. Only in 1888 AS-Obuhivets Berdyaev has written 500 poems. Main content of them - love for Ukraine and its people. 1876 his birth name of Sergei Obukhov Berdyaev sold to Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov.

Among the luminaries of Russian culture of the late XIX early .. Twentieth century. popular was Nikolai Berdyaev (1874-1947) - an original thinker, a prominent representative of the Russian school of philosophy, a renowned scholar. Born in 1874 in the estate of princes Obukhov Berdyaev. Even when the estate was sold, Nikolai Berdyaev spent his childhood in a village near Obukhov Nescherov the estate of her aunt Yu.M.Gudim-Levkovich.

1933 Obukhovskaya school № 1 was average. 1936 the first graduates of tenth. In this school, studied our countryman - Andrew Malyshko. Now the school is named after the poet. At the school building is a memorial plaque dedicated to Baby. In 1971 the school created a memorial room, entrance A. Malyshko.

In 1938, then a young poet Andrei Malyshko - the author of five poetry books: "Friendship", "Rodina", "Lyrics", "From the book of life", "The Birth of sons" - was awarded the Order of Honor.

Decisive influence on the industrialization of the construction of the Tripoli area Obuhovai District Power Station (GRES). Changed the face of the city construction in the late 70's to early 80-ies of the Tripoli industrial site. Was constructed cascade enterprises - industrial giants: Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill, Tripolsky biohimzavod etc.

November 19, 1979 Obukhov becomes the city. Were built new housing estates, 2 secondary schools, the Palace of Culture and Leisure, pre-school education. November 19, 1994 in the center is a monument to Andrei Obukhov Malyshko.

The city has its own emblem and flag, which the author is a young painter, great-granddaughter of Andrew Malyshko Olga Sak. Has it and the anthem, its authors - Peter Nevgad obuhovtsy composer, poet Mikhail Karasev.

In the 70-90-ies of XX century Obuhivschina on the land turned into an industrial area with a strong industrial and agricultural development. Giant enterprises Tripoli promuzla - State shareholder Energy Generating Company "Tsentrenergo" Energy Ministry of Ukraine Tripoli TPP, JSC "Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill OJSC, Stirobioteh", OAO "Brick Tripoli", OAO "Obukhovskii ventilation plant", JSC "Obukhov plant porous products ", OOO" Інтерфом ", other companies withdrew region industrial potential in the first position among the developed regions of the Kiev region.

Blessed picturesque region, little edge, rebuilt, rejuvenated: grow new residential neighborhoods, revived the village - develops Obuhivschina, central district of Kyiv region.

Obuhivschina - the land where breathes eternity. In the settlements of the region established memorials and monuments in honor of historical events and personalities associated with our margin. Total registered object is 161, of which 103 - archaeological sites, historical monuments and monumental art - 51 Architecture - 7. Among them - the memorable characters on the locations of the settlements.

Around Obukhov found settlements Trypil'ska archaeological culture (III-II millennium BC) and Zarubintsy chernyakhivska crops, old Russian settlement (XI-XIII centuries), found the silver and bronze coins II-I century AD from Greece, Rome and Byzantium.

In the 80 years of intensive research during riverbanks Stugna identified nine groups - some local groups of settlements: among them the most complete study (archaeologist NM Kravchenko) Obukhovskoy group. This small Kiev early Slavonic settlements. In the settlement Obukhov and open 40 objects: dwellings, outbuildings, wells, places of worship (altar).

In the early twentieth century in the Obukhov leisure were 28 mounds.

Natural, historical and cultural and ethnographic objects in the territory of the district:

Nature: Mountain City in the millennial Vitachiv, in whose territory the settlement of ancient walled cities Viticheva (age 7-13) and Novgorod Svyatopolch (11-13st); chronicles virgin-mountain in s.Tripole, which investigated Trypil'ska monuments and archaeological Zarubintsy cultures and the mound of Kievan Rus'; Revina famous mountain on the beautiful Red River in s.Germanivka; mountain Ostritsa in с.Копачеві, near which Rusichi gave last battle the Mongols in 1240. Emergency impression is recreational gem - Lake Riza in the wooded area between the villages of Trouble Snowball and Vitachiv.

Historical and cultural: the monument to the poet Andrei Malyshko in Obukhov, Podgortsevsky St. Michael Church monuments writer Gregory Squares in s.Scherbanivka and Red, a monument to the discoverers trypilska culture Vincent Hvoytsi in s.Tripole, a monument to Ukrainian Cossack hetman Ivan Vyhovsky in s.Germanivka and monument The Wheel of Time "in honor of 900 years of the same village, Shevchenko milepost established in honor of the host Shevchenko in s.Zhukivtsyah, architectural monuments of 18 century. - Nescherivska Holy Transfiguration Church, Podgortsevsky St. Michael Church.

Podgortsevsky St. Michael's Church and Church of the Intercession s.Krenichi are excellent examples of Ukrainian wooden architecture. Three bath Michael Church, located in the center of the village Podgorci, dates back to 1742 year. In the middle of the XIX century. It was completed and installed on a brick foundation, built bunk bell. The church survived carving and painting XIX century. Church of the Intercession of the village Krenichi built in 1761 by Mother Superior of the convent of Theological Xanthus Provence. 1850 Temple repaired and installed on brick foundations, and instead of the old a new bell tower. Church tridilnogo, one bath, covered pitched roof. In their view, it is close to the temples, who built the ancient traditions of Ukrainian wooden architecture. Waiting for the establishment of a monument to Taras Shevchenko in Ukrainka and D. Turp (Ataman Green) in s.Tripole.

Ethnographic: Regional Archaeological Museum of Tripoli, Tripoli Museum Ancient Aratta-Ukraine ", Germanivsky Museum of Ukrainian Cossacks, Zhukivtsivsky History Museum, Museum of Literary and Artistic Pluta" in s.Plyuty, mansion-museum, A. Malyshko and District Local History Museum in Obukhov.

Extremely important in supporting, developing and enriching the cultural and historical heritage museum institutions have Obukhov district and museums. Museums - the cultural-educational and research institutions that are intended for research, conservation and use of natural sites, material and spiritual culture. The main areas of museum is the cultural and educational, scientific and research activities, pamyatnikoohrannye work.

Culturological work Obuhivschini implement 23 rural houses of culture and clubs, 2 departmental clubs, 4 town houses of culture, 31 libraries, 4 schools of aesthetic education.

Obuhivschina, the birthplace of famous contemporary poet Andrei Malyshko, honoring the memory of him: in a city street named after him, where he lived, and the school where he studied. Parental yard, where he spent his childhood, turned into a mansion-museum family Malyshko. In people with modern Obuhivschina is the second name - Baby edge.

In Obukhov area are 7 Folk Artists, 31 craftsman arts and crafts, covering more than 10 areas of creativity. In Malyshkov edge literary works of studio. Malyshko, 14 representatives are members of the Writers' Union of Ukraine. Much work to support young writers by publishing holds Obuhov literary and artistic fraternity.

In Obukhov District Local History Museum opened a new exposition hall "Literary Obuhivschina. Created the new exhibition halls "agrarian capitalism" and "Civil War". The museum for the year received 500 units of storage. In the exhibition hall of the museum is a permanent exhibition of products of craftsmen, artisans, artists Obuhivschiny and other regions. Very popular among visitors to enjoy the product masters-embroiderers Svetlana Zohnyuk, Hope Khimichenko, Vera Vlasenko. Many school kids gathered around a show of folk masters-lyalkarky Victoria Dyachenko. It is interesting to host exhibitions of works of Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine Galina Kucher Basket weaving, ceramics Catherine MERKUSHEVA.

High skills are marked by the famous master engraver Vyacheslav Saychuka. In 2006, the scientific staff of the museum, along with local ethnographers prepared for printing and published a popular science and local history book "glorious town of Tripoli in the Kyiv region," my village, my villagers, "Obukhov towel, travel guide Obuhivschini" Dnieper ". The museum has on permanent display of local folk art master. Accepted Expositions artists from other regions of Ukraine.

Prominent people in different areas of the district:

in culture - Klondike GM - Outstanding short-story writer, member

National Union of Writers; Malyshko AS - Distinguished poet, songwriter, author of the famous "Songs about the towel", the winner of Shevchenko and the Lenin Prize; Berdyaev SA - Ukrainian poet, writer, critic, novelist, journalist, social activist, alias "Obuhivets", the author of a number of journalistic and popular science articles, an interpreter, the brother of the famous Russian philosopher Nicholas Berdyaev; Gorlova MP - The sculptor, writer, author of monuments and memorial plaques in bronze and stone figures known in Ukraine: I. Vygovsky, H. Angles, V. Hvoytsi, P. Orlik, S. Bander, A. Malyshko Afghan war veterans, a member of the National Union of Artists and the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, Karasev VV (Trubaev) - by the arms Obukhov district, a member of the first inter-party conference poets vizualist peace in Edmonton (Canada), winner of the Grand Prix at the All-Ukrainian contest of novels, screenplays, and plays "The Coronation of the words," the head of the district Obukhovskoy literary studio im.Malishka, editor and publisher of the almanac Obukhovskii writers "virgin-mountain", has created Obuhov literary and artistic Brotherhood;

gultszi in science and education: Chizhenko IM - An outstanding educator, scholar,

rector of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, was awarded two Orders of the Second World War, the Order of the Red Star, numerous medals, the author of more than 300 scientific papers, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Head of the foundations of electrical engineering, vice-rector for scientific work, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, the Commander of the Order of Lenin, was awarded a diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, Lenin, the State Prize, First Prize of the contest for the best scientific and technical work in 1979.



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