Ivankivskyi district is an area in the north of the Kiev region

Ivankov district was created in 1923. The district's area is 361.6 thousand hectares. Population - 35,4 thousand people. In the region of 1 towns and 26 rural councils, which is subject to 81 locality. The district borders with the Republic of Belarus, Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions, Polesskii, Borodyansky, Vyshgorod district of Kyiv region.

Ivankov was born in the area and created an outstanding folk artist, Honored Artist of Ukraine, the master of folk art, laureate of State Prize. Shevchenko Maria Ovksentiivna Prymachenko. Her name is glorified our region to the world.

The art of famous artist continues his life in pictures of her son Prymachenko Fyodor - Honored Artist of Ukraine, laureate of them. Catherine Belokur. For significant contribution to the development of national art Fyodor in 2001 was awarded the Order of Merit "III degree. The greatest happiness of man - creativity.

This is believed Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, laureate im.Kateriny Belokur, Vasily Rakhmanov Skopich. Vasily Rakhmanov - a man fully endowed. He is strong to the philosophical, poetic, pictorial and musical thinking. Chernobyl cycle of paintings "Star Wormwood" was a deep tragedy through the heart of an artist and as the artist himself says, this is the hardest work in his life. Each painting in this series is subject to a single goal: to warn mankind against mindless and dangerous interference in nature, that can be a great misfortune for the entire planet.

Many talented generous to the good people have raised and gave a start in life Ivankovsky land. Many museums have the honor to represent the exposure of works of Anna Ivanovna Veres, a lot of creative collectives of Ukraine feast for the eyes of spectators a variety of costumes, woven by hand of Anna Ivanovna and her daughters, who took over from her mother and grandmother's weaving art. Valentina Ivanovna, it merged with the skill of the designer-fashion designer. Her collection of women's clothing on display in France, Germany, Canada.

For significant achievement in professional activities, many years of diligent work of master art of weaving with. Obukhovichi Ivankov district Veres Valentina Ivanovna, in February 2000 awarded the title "Honored Artist of Ukraine".

In with. Zaprudka for over 20 years works folklore-ethnographic ensemble, who conferred the title of Іванківський 
районNational. The ensemble of its years of existence, became the winner of festival "Sun clarinets (Pripyat)," Golden Keys "(Bila Church), repeated winner of various district and regional parades of artistic activities of the festival" Sing, my Polesie! "Which takes place every summer at the border Ukraine and Belarus. Participated in the regional report of artists and artistic groups, "Oh, Kyiv region sontsezora" who spoke at the National Culture Palace "Ukraine".

Rich Ivankivschina and now hard-working, honest, well-known people:

* Hero of Socialist Labor Love Piskareva Boychenko;
* Officer of the Orders of Lenin, the October Revolution, Friendship of Peoples, sectional lonarskoi link with. Makarovka Raisa Artemovna Kostyuchenko;
* Officer of the Orders of Lenin, "Merits" III degree, of the October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor Galina Kobernyuk;
* Knight of the Order of Lenin, Honored Worker of Agriculture Zinaida Aristarhivna Dudarenko;
* Knight 3 Orders of Glory Philip Romanovich Prikhodko;
* Honored Worker of Agriculture - Chairman of the Board "Ivankivribsilgosp" V. Veres, VP Radchenko (Gosleskhoza "), a locksmith KPTM" Ivankivteplomerezha "PI Rabchevsky;
* Honored Teachers A. Chemerys, VM Mironyuk;
* Honored Doctor of Ukraine VI Field - doctor CRH;
* Honored Journalist of Ukraine PY Smovzh, IZ Kirima;
* Honored builder IV Kononenko - Chairman of the Board of JSC dBu-39;
* Honored Worker of Ukrainian Transport AG Kosyanchuk, VM Alekseenko, VN Ilnitsky.

In the area of gasified smt.Ivankiv and 38 villages, representing 48% of the total number of settlements.

Central water supply provided smt.Ivankiv and 53 villages, representing 66,7% of the total number of settlements.

In the district center are 6 central boiler, 5 of which operate on natural gas.
Building complex area comprises 11 construction companies.
A district laid 1151 km of roads of state and local paved.

The area is located in the zone of Kiev Polesie. Zalesie 44% of the area.

In the settlements of the 30 secondary schools, 1 Lyceum, 3 infant schools, 1 orphanage mixed type for orphans and children without parental care "nest".
Pupil 4618 students. In education, employed 635 workers.

Network of cultural and educational institutions - 104. In the region there

* 56 clubs and houses of culture;
* 46 libraries;
* 1 Music School;
* 1 District Local History Museum

Medical residents of the region's central district hospital, maternity hospital, district hospitals, raypoliklinika, 50 obstetric units. Medical services are provided by 807 medical workers, of which 78 - doctors.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 23.07.1991 years № 106 22 localities classified as zone III secure voluntary resettlement, 59 settlements - to IV zone intensified radiological control.

- 24.11.1994 at smt. Ivanka on the initiative of the international community (the UNESCO - Chernobyl) with the support of the Government of Ukraine opened the center of socio-psychological rehabilitation and inform the population affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

Registered in the district 53 district organizations of political parties, 28 non-governmental organizations, 33 religious communities, 8 denominations.

In recent years, done a lot in the area for development and expansion of industrial production.

The industrial potential of the area before 6 th industrial enterprises of various forms of ownership:

* OAO "Ray";
* Ivankovsky bakery;
* JP OOO Integdif ";
* OOO "Grouse";
* OAO Ivankovsky Creamery;
* KP "Ivankivteplomerezha.

Population Ivankivschiny always friendly to the famous monuments of history, architecture and culture. The last few years the village won prizes in the annual regional competition "City of (p) Best accomplishment."


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