Irpen is a city of regional subordination in the Kiev region

City Irpen. Date of foundation: 1956, Area: 11,285.6 ha (0,4% of the region), Distances: from Irpen in Kiev railway highway 25 km 25 km Borders:

West - Kiev-Svyatoshinsky District: MA-Rubezhovskaya village council,

Nemishaevsky soviet

East - Kiev, Kiev district Svyatoshinsky: Gorensky village council

North - Borodyansky district: pp. Lakes Lubyanka village council

South - Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district: pp. Zabuche AM-Rubezhovskaya village council.

His emergence Irpin duty railway construction Kiev Kovel, which began in 1899. Around the road, near Kiev, the railroad founded chalet villages Irpen, Bucha and Vorzel. Villages Irpen and Bucha received their name from the river, near which they are located.
In 1956, the village Irpen becomes a city of regional subordination of Kiev-Svyatoshinskiy district. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR on December 30, 1962 Irpen granted the status of the city of regional subordination, it includes urban-type settlements Vorzel, Gostomel, Kotsyubinskoe. Thus, in the mid-60 years completes the formation of the modern territory Irpen region. Irpen - a suburban area of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, the place of creation and recreation of Ukrainian intelligentsia, the city with its own infrastructure, a network of educational, cultural, educational, medical and health institutions.

Natural resources (minerals)

The structure of the land: The land of all - 11,3 thousand ha, including: - agricultural land - 5,7 ha 0,5% of the agricultural land area are: - Arable land - 4.5 hectares - forests and other wooded area - 2,8 hectares - built-up land - 2.0 hectares - land of water fund - 0,3 thousand hectares

Other land - 0.4 hectares
Water: Irpin - 18,52 km
PM Rokach - 6,6 km
PM Buchanka - 7,67 km
Population - Total - 73.495
Male - 34.770
Female - 38.725


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