Fastovsky district - area in the west of the Kiev region

Fastovsky district is located within the Dnieper Upland, in the western part of the Kiev region. It has borders - with the Makarov District, in the east - Vasilkovsky, south-east - with Belotserkovskim in the south - with Skvirsky Raion, on the west - with Popelnyansky and Brusyliv Raion. Total area Fastiv region is 89.7 thousand hectares, representing 3.1% of the area. District administrative center - Fastiv, located 64 kilometers from Kiev. Distance to the nearest airport - 62 km (airport Zhuliany).

Landscape is a slaboshilyaste plateau, which is divided by river valleys Irpen, Unava, Kamenka and Stugna. The total length of the year, and streams is 261 km. Forests and forest plantations occupy an area of 20,3 thousand hectares.

The district has 48 settlements, including 2 towns (Borovaya and leather jacket), 46 villages. Total population as of 01.01 .. 2008 amounts to 33,3 thousand people. Men - 15,0 thousand people, women - 18,3 thousand people. Among the main ethnic groups make up 96% of Ukrainian, Russian - 3%, other - 1%.

History Fastivschini goes to great antiquity and dates back to the edge of the settlement of primitive people. Witnesses of that time are more than 150 archaeological monuments. Among them - Fastovsky parking hunters of the mammoth and wild horse of the late Paleolithic (20-15 thousand years ago); s.Koschiivka Neolithic settlement near the mill and the farm (V-III millennium BC) near the village of leather jacket, Small villages Snitinka, Olenevka Trilesy found the remains trypilska culture (IV-II millennia BC).

Fastovschine held Princess Olga of the young prince Svyatoslav, visited here and the soldiers of Prince Vladimir.

With Fastovschine the names of Bohdan Фастівський район Khmelnytsky and the Cossacks of colonel Seeds Palia (Gurko).

History Fastiv edge and remember the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. In June 1846 as part of the archaeological commission, he excavated the mound Census that s.Fastivets. Fastovschine left an imprint on the work of Shevchenko. Here he executed many drawings of local peasants. Among them are "Circle of porridge," "Farmer in the Hat," "The figures of the peasants," a group of peasants. " At Fastovschine born wonderful poems Shevchenko "Monk," "The Seamstress", "Irzhavets.

For a long time was the edge Fastovschine large landholding family of Polish magnates. More than 1000 acres of the best land in Motovilovka, Elenovka and other settlements belonged Rulikovskim, almost half of today's land area owned Branitsky. A major landowner was the gentleman I. Khaetsky.

History of the XIX century on Fastovschine associated with some remarkable events - the peasant movement and the uprising of the Chernigov Regiment of the Decembrists. In the villages Trilesy, V. Snitinka, V. Motovilovka and Olenevka standing company Chernigov Regiment. The revolt was suppressed, but in the province in Fastivske s.Trilisy ever stayed in one grave I. Muraviev-Apostol, A. Kuzmin, M. Tsepilo and other Decembrists.

Resolution of the All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee on March 7th, 1923 established the Kiev district, which, in particular, came Fastovsky area. In the historical sense, Fastovschine be understood much more extensive territory whose borders were not permanent: the end ХVІІст. - It's almost the whole of South Kyiv region (Paliivschina).

At Fastovsky land in different years and centuries lived and worked ambitious, talented people who have left a bright trace in history: the composer K. Stetsenko, E. Rulikovsky ethnographer, writer Vasil'chenko, a prominent architect and painter Vladimir Krichevsky, a famous inventor M. Benardos.
Today Fastovschine also rich in talented writers, artists, scientists, people who treat and teach, grow grain.

On the territory of Fastiv district has Fastivske state forestry and two industrial companies: Branch of OOO "Merckx Group, GP" Trilesky distillery. In the region's 72 agroformations, among them: 7 private companies, 14 agricultural limited liability companies, 42 farms, 9 other forms of property.



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