Berezan is a city of regional subordination in the Kiev region

City Berezan - located in the eastern part of the Kiev region on the 75th kilometer of the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv (railway - 65 km).

The climate is temperate continental, mild, with warm long summers and mild, while volatile in the winter with little snow cover and frequent thaws.

Soils - mainly chernozem, fertile, rich in humus, in small quantities - sandy loam, loam and salt, if necessary agronomic activities give large yields.

Berezan surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests, birch groves.

Water Resources - Lake Central, rates, and the river Nedra Trubezh - left tributaries of the Dnieper.

Nadra rich deposits of peat, clay suitable for brick and porcelain, fine-grained sand, dining room mineral water, from which in ancient times produced beer.

Total area - 3292 hectares, representing 0.12% of the total territory of the Kiev region.

The town is bordered on all sides by human settlements Baryshevsky area.

Population - 17,0 thousand.

In 1920 Berezan - it is an urban type, for 37 years (1923-1933, 1934-1962 years) Berezan was a district center, 30 June 1994 has the status of the city of regional subordination.

Berezan - an ancient Cossack squadron town - located in the eastern part of the Kiev region. The first City Berezanwritten mention of it recorded in the historical primary sources in 1616.

The city has a rich and glorious history, worthy of writing a historical novel. It has survived the Mongol-Tatar yoke, raiding Tartar hordes of the Crimean Khan Giray, the power of the Lithuanian princes and magnates of Poland, the war of liberation under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the war with the Swedes, serfdom, the power of the Russian Empire, a series of revolutions, civil war, the first and second world wars .

From Berezan closely associated with many famous names, in particular hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Mazepa, the poet and artist Taras Shevchenko, the poet-philosopher Gregory Pans, St. Sophronia Irkutsk, one of the first writers of Ukraine Ilia Turchinovskogo, ethnographer and folklorist Plato Lukashevich, astronaut Gregory Coastal , Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Anatoly Dorodnitsyn, Hero of the Soviet Union Lawrence Voloshin and many others. Berezans'ka land nurture actors Natalia Gebdovsku, Lydia Ostrovskaya, Basil Berezhnoy, honored culture journalist Lyudmila Gaevskaya, writer Ivan Busa.

In 1927 Berezan filmmaker Arnold Kurdyumov was withdrawn one of the first full-length movies Ukrainian "Djalma.

Repeatedly in Berezan were such prominent figures of Ukrainian culture as Plato and George Mayboroda Andrei Golovko, Andrei Sova, Ostap Cherry, Alexander Bilash, Stepan Oleinik, Teren Masenko, Nina Matvienko, Nazar Yaremchuk, Theodosius Humeniuk, Michael Sagaydak, Peter Potter, Michael Selivacheva , Director of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies at Harvard University, George Grabowicz, and many others. In 1843 Taras Shevchenko in Berezan had written the poem "dug grave."

Berezanka always been a freedom-loving, independent nation. In XVI-XVII centuries saturation Cossack families in the city was 54% - a phenomenon unique to the Ukraine. And now Berezan inhabited by descendants of the glorious Cossack families. Berezanka love their city, its history, reviving old traditions.

Together with the whole Ukraine, its talented and hardworking people, inhabitants of a proud and glorious Berezan look with hope to the future. They are confident that Ukraine will take its rightful and honorable place among the civilized nations of the planet Earth.

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