Bucha is a city of regional significance in the Kiev region

Bucha - until 2007, one of the largest settlements of Ukraine. It is located between the small Richka Buchankoyu and Rokach, 30 km west of Kiev.

Territory Buchansky City Council - 2657 ha.

The population of the city Bucha (as of 12.02.2007 years) - 29,986 people, among them: men - 13710 thousand, Women - 16276 K)
The age of the local population:
1 year to 14 years - 4277;
15 to 19 G. - 1873;
20 to 49 G. - 13500;
50 to 59 G. - 4053;
60 to 85, and older - 6260.

In 2001, Bucha vidznachila its 100-year anniversary.

Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada (№ 3434-IV of 9 February 2006goda) pgt Bucha assigned the status of the city of regional importance.

For the first time in written sources Bucha mentioned in 1630 as a village Yablonka, that is located on the left bank of the river Bucha. It belonged to the Polish shlyahtichevi Lyasote Yu, who received the lands of Count Potocki for heroism in the military. Land is cultivated by local farmers: viroschuvali rye, wheat, buckwheat, vegetables. Naprikintsi XIX century the land passed into the possession of Beauty pomischikiv anything Pihovskogota Sagatovskogo.

In 1868, the son of Severin Sagatovskogo built near the village of Yablun'ka brick factory, which at one time was the largest pidpriemstvom this region. Bricks produced very high quality personal stamp "Yablonka. She was known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. But even at his own expense he built a school for children of peasants, where now there is between school industrial plant.

Mr Krasovskii built in Buchi starch and molasses factory, and have arranged a number of two reservoir, connected to the gateway. The company operates and Nina, and the scenic lakes of the villagers were happy to rest.

The village itself has emerged as a stop during the construction Bucha Kiev Kovel railroad in 1898 and quickly built, thanks malovnichy terrain around. Here liked to rest Capital artisans and intellectuals. Preserved till the construction style litsarskogo Castle - giving Adviser Board Kiev Kovel railway strain. No less fine was and giving a well-known lawyer in Kiev Nemett and his wife, actress Insarova: In the heart of the garden was the creation of the lake, where graceful floating white and black swans.

In 1900, his father an outstanding writer Mikhail Bulgakov, Athanasius, assistant professor of the Kiev Theological Academy, bought from Mr. Krasovskaya two acres of land and buildings cottage for his family, which every summer priizdila to Bucha. Not far from them oselivsya famous Ukrainian artist, founder of the Kiev school of painting, Nikolai Ivanovich Murashko. On the large veranda of the artist going to friends, neighbors, vlashtovuvalis theatrical presentation.

I remember with gratitude buchantsy doctor gidropatichesky, Witold Kaminsky, who all his life Blessed treatment of patients with water procedures. Today, many familiar with his book "A friend of good health", which contains prescription medication with water from various diseases.

Since 1904 in Bucha each summer vidpochivali family Academician Paton, the famous Ukrainian composer Leo Revutskiy. Today, local children's arts school named after him.

At different times in Bucha priizdili Maria Zankovetskata Maxim Rylsky, Vladimir Sosyury and Igor Shamo, Other Prominent people.

Today Bucha - is not only a resort town. The unique landscape and beautiful landscapes, historical and memorable places, industrial and multi-storey residential array creates a kind of synthesis of the distant past and present.

Bucha eulogized in the poems and songs, drawn on the canvases of artists. It is a place where a person is born the desire of creativity and self-realization is not ordered, and the call of the soul.


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