Belotserkovsky district is a district in the south of the Kiev region

Belotserkovsky district is located in the south of the Kiev area in the forest-steppe zone. Formed in 1930. The district is 127.6 thousand hectares, water resources - 2,897 hectares, the total area of farmland 84,8 thousand hectares, including arable land - 80,2 thousand ha. The district's 60 localities: the town Uzin district subordination, p Terezin and 58 rural settlements.

In the region 36 local councils: Uzinsky city, Terezinska village and 34 rural councils.

The population of the district is 54 thousand people. (Including urban 13,2 thousand people). In the area of population 19,800 retirees.
Belotserkovschina - the name of the land, whose history is rooted in hoary antiquity, with probably more than 5 thousand years old.

As evidenced by archeological finds, and to this day in the territories of many villages, mazepinets, Shkarivka, Yablonevki and left monuments of different epochs: Cherniakhivska fort and ancient cultures, burial of the Bronze Age, ancient earthen rampart along Zmiyev Ros, built on the orders of Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise .

A whole gallery of historical events occur under the watchful gaze of the past: building on the banks of the Ros majestic bulwark against Mongol-Tatars - the city of St. George's (the former name of White Church), the signing of an agreement between Belotserkovsky Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Polish nobles during the War of 1651 - 1654 .

Pages heroic glory Belotserkovschina closely linked to the freebooter movement - Koliivschiny, the Decembrist movement. It is here that members of the Vassilkovskaya council of the Southern Society, led by PI Pestel discuss the fate of the future state, develop plans to murder the king and the uprising of the Chernigov Regiment.

During the period of capitalist development Belotserkovschiny becoming one of the most advanced agricultural, industrial, shopping centers, Kiev province.
Definite influence on the socio-economic and cultural development of the province had graphs Branitsky - owners of the land Belotserkovsky late XVIII - early XX century.

Residents of the area to preserve the good memories of celebrities who visited the province - AV Suvorov, Shevchenko, A. Pushkin, GRDerzhavin, K. Stetsenko.
Prominent generals IR Yakir, GI Kotovsky freed the district from the Whites.

XX century - extremely eventful period of history, a path that passed belotserkovchane from the Ukrainian revolution of independence of Ukraine.

At Belotserkovschine formed army of the Directory, which resumed Ukrainian National Republic, and after a short period of time their authority established by the Bolsheviks.

Soviet power - this is the industrialization and collectivization, which did not give the promised results, the famine of 1932-33, when a good harvest, without war, hunger in Belotserkovschine died about 20 thousand inhabitants.

Severe tests fell on the proportion of residents in the Great Patriotic War. July 16, 1941 our region was occupied by the Nazis. In August the same year on the outskirts of the village Bloschintsi received a bloody baptism of the student battalion, which was the next great writer Ukraine Oles Gonchar. This terrible battle described them in his novel "Man and weapons," the feat studbatovtsev like a bronze figure of a young Red Army soldier with a rifle in his hand, installed at the entrance to the village on the shores of the Red River.

Liberated Belotserkovschina in early January 1944, 50 and 51 of 40 army corps of the First Ukrainian Belotserkovsky districtFront, under the command of Major General, Heroes of the Soviet Union S. Martirosyan, and P. Avdienko.

The structure of the 50 Corps was part of a separate first Czechoslovak brigade under the command of Colonel Ludvik Svoboda. More than 12 thousand sons and daughters Belotserkovschiny fought in the Great Patriotic War, and about 7 thousand never returned to their homes, eight of them awarded the title - the Hero of the Soviet Union.
Belotserkovschina - a cradle, which brought up many outstanding people of the past. Village Mazeppists - birthplace of Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa, here he erected a monument. In the village Pylypcha spent his childhood famous Russian writer, Paustovsky.

Nadrossya - is life-giving source from which derives its creative inspiration I. Nechuy-Levitsky. Uzinsky land became the first starting point in life for the pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Popovich.

5 thousandth story of our land is a great wisdom, courage and work of those whom she brought up among them 21 Hero of Socialist Labor.

Before the Golden Fund regions are 48. More than 450 residents Belotserkovschiny awarded state awards.

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