Baryshevsky district is an area in the east of the Kiev region

Baryshevsky district was formed in 1965. Former name - Baryshevskaya District Soviet (from 1923 to 1963). Center Area - City Baryshevka.

The district's area is 957.6 square. km (3.46% of the total territory). Water resources occupy 1,010.7 ha. The territory Baryshevsky area rivers flow Trubezh, Krasilovka, Ільта, Nedra. The area is bordered: to the west and Borispol Brovary Raion, on the east by Yahotyn Raion, on the north by Zgurovsky district of Kiev region and Bobrovitsky region Chernigov region to the south with Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky region Kiev region.

Distance to Kiev - 72 km

City nasalennya is 11,3 thousand people and rural-29, 7 thousand people. Number of pensioners: 12800 persons, representing 31.1% of the total population of the district. Density of living is 42.9 people. /, fertility-4 pers. per 1000 population, the mortality rate - 15 1000 inhabitants, the natural decline in population (in 1000) - 11 people.

Main nationality - Ukrainian. National composition of population as a percentage: Ukrainian-94, 2% or 38,7 thousand people; Russian - 4,8% or 2,0 thousand persons; Belarusians - 0,5% or 0,2 thousand people, others -- - 0,5% or 0,2 thousand persons.

Historical Path Barishivschiny closely linked to the victorious and dramatic history of Ukraine. Baryshevka first mentioned in chronicles of the Trinity in 1125 as a mound Baruch. Of the sources of the seventeenth century, we learn about the mound Barishovske.

Ancestors barishivchan defended their independence in battle with the Golden Horde, Lithuanian and Polish feudal nobles. In a loud wave swept over the land Baryshevsky popular uprising led Nalivaiko, Pavlyuk and Ostryanina.

Tragic pages in the history of the region entered the beginning of the twentieth century. Even more tragic are historically - near the middle of the events of this age - the civil war, famine and the sacred Great Patriotic War. Boric Ratnam, triumphant labor of our ancestors consecrated Baryshevsky history of this area.

Domestic connection with the reform of the administrative-territorial division according to the decree of All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee on March 7, 1923, in Ukraine, instead of 14 counties in 7 districts were created instead of 247 counties - 111 districts. The structure of the Kiev district included 20 areas, including - and Baryshevsky.

aryshevsky DistrictThe district's area is 95,763 hectares. The arable land is 77,187 hectares, including: arable land - 61,502 hectares of perennial plants ha-1534, -4690 ha of hayfields and pastures - 9950 ha.

In the region there are 38 localities that are home to 41.5 thousand people, including: Agriculture -30.6, thousand urban population - 10,9 thousand in the villages there is one village and 25 rural councils. With the creation of the district held a number of significant socio-economic changes. Thus, in 1924, was mechanized peat extraction on torforozrobtsi, which combined with the broad gauge railway station Baryshevka. This fuel is sent to Zgurovsky, Nosovskii, Starinskiy, Yagotynsky sugar and Berezanskii brewery.

Local authorities pay due attention to the recovery of agriculture, its intensification and co. In 1925 he worked in the villages, agricultural and consumer society.

The tireless work of laborers was motivating the development of education and culture. It was at this time in Baryshevka acts known commercial school, which taught Nicholas Zerov, Yuri Maple. Glory got school Kobzar art. Unsurpassed masterpieces wrought hands Veselinovsky masters of embroidery - Anna dogs-Shostak, liqueurs Tsybulev, Maria Schur and others.

To help the collective farms technique in September 1932, MTS has been established, which in 1934 was 40, and in 1936 - 76 tractors and 32 serviced by them. However, the development of industry. During the first and second n `yatirichok built power plant, a creamery and processing plant mint.

The Great Patriotic War. In the two years of occupation the Nazis killed thousands of citizens, and burned several villages, took people's property in Germany. The troops of 136 Infantry Division of the Voronezh Front was released September 21, 1943 District.

For courage and bravery in the Great Patriotic War, five of our countrymen - Ivan Biyma, Lavrenti Voloshin, Mikhail Yurshinu, Andrew Luck 'yantsyu, Peter Tsviliyu awarded the title Hero. And Ivan Byshovets with Victory, Fyodor Shostak with Maskivets were the holders of the soldiers' orders of Fame.

During the postwar reconstruction of the economy Baryshevskaya MTS in the first resumed work.

Changing socio-cultural make-up area. Intensively built housing, roads.

The second half of 20 century is characterized by the construction of large enterprises and the intensification of agricultural production. Erected poultry complex under Berezan, canning factory, Morozov poultry farm, Semenovskaya svinofabrika, plant "Lightning", Berezanskii house-building plant.

In the agricultural industry is actively introducing new forms of management. In the villages and regional centers are enacted in schools with gyms, canteens, classrooms. Increasing welfare. 80-90-ies characterized by the construction of objects of cultural and educational purposes. In Baryshevka built a sports complex, the center of extracurricular activities "Dream", a memorial to the dead in the Great Patriotic War. I s.Borschiv cheered monumental sculpture warrior who embodies the courage and heroism of the defenders of ancient Kiev.

After the Chernobyl tragedy has undergone a change of territorial division of the district, was built about a dozen new settlements, the district received more than 9 thousand inhabitants of the Polesie region.

Today Barishivschina - a powerful region metropolitan area. Evidence of this are the achievements of labor collectives area. Today it is a region with developed industrial potential, a reformed agro-industrial complex and infrastructure.

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