Rating of cottage villages and towns

Ratings on suburban real estate and cottage towns

Ratings on suburban real estate can be different and differ among themselves: ratings of cottage towns and villages; ratings of new buildings in the suburbs of Kiev, and there may be ratings of developers of cottage towns or developers of low-rise housing, or maybe suburban new buildings.

The rating auditor is the consulting company RealExpo

Dear developers and owners of cottage towns, to participate in the All-Ukrainian professional rating, you need to fill out the form below, adding a general photo, a general plan of the town, the layout of the cottages and send to the email address of the consulting company RealExpo admin@zagorodna.com After the appropriate verification of the data, your town will accept participation in the rating.

Attention! The built cottage villages and towns that are under construction can take part in the Rating.

Algorithm for evaluating cottage towns

Evaluation takes place automatically in real time immediately after filling out the form on the portal.
Cottage towns are evaluated by key parameters: location (from 2 to 5 points); type of property (2-5 points); willingness (3-5 points); the area of ​​cottages (from 2 to 5 points); land area (from 2 to 5 points); architecture (1-5 points); environment, safety and security (2-3 points); comfort of living (2 points); communication (2-3 points); material of walls, roofs (2-3 points).
Each infrastructure object is rated 1 point, subject to the availability of infrastructure objects in the master plan, which is mandatory for participation in the rating.
According to the results of calculations, each town receives the total number of points, which determines the place in the Rating.

Sources of information

Data for evaluating parameters and factors are data from developers from the source, the Internet, the media, and research by experts from the suburban real estate market.


Every month, the top ten companies automatically fall into the TOP-10 of the best cottage towns, all media write about them, they are posted on the main page of the portal www.zagorodna.com, tables with the results are printed in the media and on the portal www.zagorodna.com. All this helps you market your product. At the end of the year, according to the results of TOP-10, visitors to the portal www.zagorodna.com will vote and TOP-5 of the best towns will be awarded with valuable gifts and prizes and will take part in the All-Ukrainian Independent Competition “Cottage Town”.


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