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 Real estate ratings in Ukraine

Real estate ratings can be different and differ among themselves: ratings of residential and suburban real estate; ratings of cottage towns and villages; ratings of new buildings, and there may be ratings of developers of residential and suburban real estate.

Real estate ratings are based on different parameters.
Storeys, readiness, cost per square meter, wall material are important for buyers of residential real estate and apartments in new buildings.
Land size, number of households, remoteness from city limits, availability, cost, environment, transport accessibility, availability of infrastructure - these criteria are important for buyers of suburban real estate and cottage towns.

But the most important factor that affects the decision to purchase real estate is the availability of permits and town-planning documentation: land ownership, the right to carry out construction work, documents for joining utilities: water, electricity, gas.

A comfortable living environment is important for future residents. The class of real estate is important to them: comfort, economy or business.
According to the rating, it can be both cheap and expensive real estate. It can be built and sold by both reliable and unreliable or unscrupulous developers or developers.
These may be ratings of cheap and expensive housing both on the primary market and on the secondary market.
And real estate market indicators can be based on different factors that affect the ranking and getting into the TOP-3, TOP-5, TOP-10 of the best or worst new buildings, cottage towns, developers.

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